Tight ankle cuffs

Never had this problem before. Huub thermal cycling bibs bought in the sale last winter.

The ankle cuffs are so tight I can barely get my feet in or out. Every time it take both hands and some straining, and feels like I’m about to break the material.

What’s the story here?

Is this a wetsuit you’re talking about? My clubmate had fat calves and ankles (not saying you do!) so he trimmed a few inches off the legs. Some wetsuits are designed to allow this I think - to take a few inches off ankles and wrist cuffs.

Too much “ankle work” in the weight room.

damn - thought someone had started a bondage thread…

how disappointing



No, cycling bibs sorry for the lack of clarity - amended

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Is that a euphemism?

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That’s why they were in the sale…

Could be.

I just wondered if I have freaky ankles, or quality kit always has tight ankles and being a pauper I’ve only just found out. Or something. I have very small feet by the way which is another reason for my befuddlement.

Nope…i have several pairs of sale 2XU running tights that are a bit more compression than i would like :slight_smile:

I believe the technical term is Cankles😉


I bought a “very high end” wetsuit in the sales in 2019 that I went onto use at IM Wales. Despite having cramps both times I’d tried it out in OW swim practice I stuck with it as the arms are so “not there” (hmm, could have just cut sleeves off existing suit)…

I cramped really badly before the end of that swim. I think the tight calf thing is directly responsible. I do have (goes and measures) 19 inch calves. So they need a little space…it’s just possible that high-end wetsuits ain’t cut for us meso/ endomorphs. And, by extension, other gear too eg tri-suits…

Upon a similar note I was reading today about low-end bike shoes being much more wide-feet friendly. Why? Do beginners have fat feet? Answers on a postcard. Ahem.


Re the wider shoes, Cycling Weekly have a review on cheaper shoes. Apparently it’s because at that price level it’s about comfort over performance, so they can use more padding.

If looking for more performance, then it’s a tighter, more expensive shoe that’s needed

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Performance? Are we getting % gains from cycling shoes now too? :wink:

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You’re missing out big time :grimacing:

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