Time Trials 2022

Not done or entered any yet but looks like there’s a few nationals near me, the 50 starts about 15 miles from home and the 10 is the other end of the A19 I think, and the course I did last year which should be fast but wasn’t as quick as people expected.

The 25 might not be far away either.

Might put some entries in.

I stuck my entries in last year’s time trial thread. Entered 3 opens so far

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Not entered anything yet but have a list of possibles. Rather depressingly my fast(ish) 25 and 50 times have dropped off the LTS so I may not get in some of the big ticket events. I’m going to give the 12 hour a swerve, but would love to nail a good 100 and a good 25.

Also major doubts on some of our local quick courses: E2 has been out for roadworks for about two years, and the infamous A11 pave section was due to be resurfaced. So it may be superfast and joyous, same old boneshaker or out of action.

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I did notice @Duckhen on the start list our local(ish) hardriders event Sunday, so we should have a result on the board by MOnday.

I’ll check the weather…out of interest.

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Yes stuck an entry in. I don’t usually bother because of the weather and (insert more excuses) …….but this year I decided to go in early so Ely, North Road Hardriders, Hemel (Bison) and the annual Good Friday event just down the road from me the Welwyn Hilly. So burnt out by Easter and then who knows

I’m going to enter our clubs sporting open in March. Going to miss the usual spoco openers of KW14 & Redhill due to lack of fitness and holiday!

I looked at the hardriders event but it’s just too early and too cold.

Away for Hemel hilly

Don’t disagree Jgav early season potential to be pretty grim but the organisers keep on putting these races on and I would be sorry to see an empty calendar where these are so decided to stick entries in, if the conditions are just too bad I will DNS.

Coalville Wheelers 10 26th March & Kings Lynn 25 2nd April.

Now that my V718 & E2/10 times have dropped off I’ve got me a lovely middlemarkers 10 PB now ready for a greasy fast DC in summer.

Made a pact with the team that we’ll not chase fast times on DCs until June because it’s proven fruitless every other year.


Not riding at Ely must have been drunk when I entered !