Tom Pidcock would make a great triathlete

If he can swim…

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:joy: I saw this a few days ago. A few secs off the European road 5km record (or something similar). He’s either on a fantastic windup, or an error.


My partner was asking me if those were decent times for a 5km. Decent was an understatement :flushed:

He does fade a bit on the 5m :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha ha - his GPS is whack.
He’s barely doing 3:40/km past the school

Yes, that’s what I commented to my mate who sent it to me when I saw the video.

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So as well as being an awesome cyclist, he’s a funny chap!
I like him already :+1:t3:


A Ross Barkley 5km :rofl:

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A lad I was at college with won the GB U23 road race and although not sure why it never happened for him as a cyclist or when he started running as I moved to Leeds and he moved to Provence. His 10km PB was 30:12 and think he was elite duathlete, still runs at a good pace now.

Was pretty sure the GPS is out. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could do a 16-18min 5k with little run training but sub 14 is frankly ridiculous.