Tour de France 22- Calais

Stage 4 on Tuesday 07/05/2022 DUNKERQUE > CALAIS. As its so close to the UK, I was thinking (pending ferries), to travel from Dover to Calais as a foot passenger £9.50 each way, arrive around lunch time, see the arrival of the tour then head home same day.
Any one else doing the same, or has done this on previous tours?



Sounds like a good day out.

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I’ve not done it myself, but I’ve got a few mates who get the ferry out to Dunkerque for the day every spring with their bikes and ride out to watch Gent Wevelgem


Can’t you just paddle over? Probably get a paying passenger, a tow, a hot drink, meal and even a free hotel stay on the way back.


And a free trip to Rwanda :roll_eyes::rofl:

Does it go through the centre if Calais?

It’s a bit of a pain as a foot passenger nowadays as you have to get in and out of both ports. The car park in Dover and the town centre in Calais aren’t actually that far away but they’re absolutely grim walks between them.

If you can take your bike, it might be a better experience and you’ll get through much quicker.

Also, don’t use P&O


Im thinking about this. My daughter is desperate to go to Herne Bay. Because its in Heartstopper which is a TV show shes obsessed with.

Could do that, stay over and then go to see this.