Tour of Britain

Sat 14th sees the tour finish on Deansgate in Manchester after pretty much circling my house.
I think I’ll go to see them climb the short but sharp Rake ( then head into town for the finish.

Anybody else got the race on their doorstep or travelling to see it?

I might go and see the ITT in Pershore. I’m only in Worcester and the in-laws live just off the route in Cropthorne so should be able to sort something out. Shame it’s Thursday afternoon but I’m pretty flexible with work.

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It uses my old commute route from Altrincham to Ashley.
But then it veers off to Wilmslow, via the potholed Davenport Lane.
I will probably catch it there, maybe get some free bottles

Any advice on viewing the TT. I’ll be out in the middle of the course somewhere, not start or finish.
How busy does it get, will I need to be there a long time before it starts to get a spot?

Probs going to see the final stage start in Altrincham as not too far from me and then head into Manchester for the finish.
Went last year and saw 2 stages in the Lakes which was proper good.

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I never even went to see it when it went through the town a mile away; but then it was a work day afternoon! The kids’ village school all went down though iirc.

Don’t think it’s going through Devon this year. Saw a seafront finish in Exmouth a few years ago and they quite often use one of the hills out the back of my work as a cat climb. It’s all over so quickly though!!!

edit - nope, all up North this year

Always weird when on a relatively small forum, you have people so close to places you know. I grew up in Evesham and have an aunt and uncle in Charlton (aunt used to work at Cropthorne school). I played cricket for Fladbury juniors etc.

I’ve been to a TdF TT and it’s much much easier than a stage race. The length of the day means there’s much less of a concentration of spectators all trying to get to one point at a particular moment. We were able to meander our way along the route, have a bit of a picnic etc. Not busy at all at a random little village on the TT to Mont St Michel, so can’t see Tour of Britain being worse!

Never been to a mountain stage, but ITT day was much better than a sprint stage finish in my opinion. I enjoyed seeing each rider individually, especially the big names

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Thanks Stenard, it’s a cliché but it really is a small world. I’m always amazed when every year we seem to bump into someone we know on holiday abroad, given the thousands of places people can choose to go to.
I’m guessing the ToB will be a step down from the TdF in terms of crowds. I think I’ll go over to the in-laws about 12 and tootle down on the Brompton. Start times are 1-3ish so should be able OK. Depending on the road closures I may be able to travel round a bit and try different spots.

I find living in a village the degrees of separation are low, so you have to be careful what you say!

I bought something off Ebay earlier this year from a guy in Wales, and seeing my address he asked if I knew somebody, and I replied with a ‘yes I do, and their parents also live nextdoor to us’ :astonished: