Tracking Season

We’ve got a few people racing today & hopefully many more in the future. I’m going to put the relevant trackers here & forum names so that we can dip in & out to follow their heroic progress.

Centurion South Downs Way 100 2021

@FatPom # 385 & @tunster # 262

Celtman Extreme Scottish Triathlon 2021

@GeordieM # 50


Well done.
Good luck all tri talkers today, it’s a hot one !!

Fat Pom is enjoying himself…!


What does the time mean?

Am I being thick ?


I love that there is a third column to describe exactly what they are doing at any given moment :wink:

Think the time is elapsed time since their start, at the most recent checkpoint.

Any idea if there is a link to the distances of the checkpoints, I couldn’t find that


So he’s Been “ cocking” for nearly 9 hours!

Busy boy!



I bet they’re baking. Been quite warm since around 11

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I mailed him to wish him luck last night, he said his target time is 28 hours and there hoping to shift on in the dark.

Crazy crazy race


Crikey, number 45 is heading in for the finish already.

Been tracking a friend Dan Brazil who’s making decent progress. He keeps doing live videos as he runs along.


I saw that earlier he was miles ahead when I was looking for the tri talkers …!

What time did they start ?

@tunster looks to be north of Brighton. About two thirds of the course done.

At 4.30am this morning he was in Winchester, and he has covered the distance on foot without hopping on a train or anything.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like right now.


Looks like tunster still in same place just north of Brighton, in a group containing the sweepers so not sure if that means he’s stopped? Can’t see fatpom on the tracker either, hope they’re both alright.

FP pulled the plug at 49km unfortunately

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Think @tunster has bailed

Thin this is @funkster

Should be home and dry soon

25 minute half iron swim :open_mouth:


Read that as individual discipline times to start with, was concerned with over 26 minutes in T1 - oops!

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25 mins!


Up the low hr monster!!

That’s not him!

Actually that might be. It’s most of his name anyhow!

Yeah I wondered if it was, but it seems like the closest fit

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Yeah I think you’re right!

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Short according to his title of it on strava (1.5km)
Biked well, seems to have not been bothered on the run :scream::sob:

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