Trail & Ultra Running Thread

Well done @FatPom

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Thanks all. This one was always going to be tricky and I hadn’t realised but it makes it my longest run this year.

With the recent back and left knee woes, taking that massive tumble on my right knee 10 days ago, sure made me second guess whether I should have started at all.

A few distances on offer, a 22km, 30km, 42km and 50km ultra, The split for bailout were for the 22km/42km and then later on at approx 28km in, there was the split for 30km or turn right for the ultra.

Started in waves based on your predicted pace, which seemed to work. I went with the 3rd wave out of 5.

Trails were in either pretty good condition with drainage working well or were in a very sorry/muddy state, with hardly anything in-between, except for the roads bits.

I kept my pace very slow on purpose. I’ve done the race before and these are my local trails, so knew what was coming up. About 12km in, you get the first bail option for the 22/42km runners, although tempting, I declined and turned right for 30km/ultra.

Approx 20km in it started raining and pretty much didn’t stop and would get quite torrential later in the day. My knee was holding up but definitely getting more of an issue. After exiting CP2, approx 24km in, I fell in with a lady going my pace on her 2nd ultra.

We chatted, trotted. walked and then when we got close to my own village, the second split appeared, straight on for the 30km (which I’d convinced myself I was taking) and right for the utra. I turned right, against better judgement.

Through my own village and Mrs FP and LO came out to meet us and then wisely went back to the house, it was really pissing down. My new found friend (Laura) and I stuck together in some horrible weather for the rest of the race and crossed the line together. Both of us said we wouldn’t have made it without the other!

Funnily enough, Laura said she desperately wanted me to turn right at the ultra split, because if I had gone straight on, she would have also. :smile:

2 years ago, I did this race 5.54 but given all that’s happened, I’ll take that 6.45 all day long. My knee got steadily worse and lord knows how it will feel tomorrow.

Pretty much convinced myself I’m dropping out of SDW. it’s not just my knee, seems like my whole system could do with a re-build.


Well done for getting round, FP, careful with the knee & body though, better to try and get back on track than keep aggravating it.


Have a very well earned rest, mate. :+1:


Well done FB. Finding a running buddy always helps. Sounds like it did for both of you :smile:


Nice write up FP, glad you found someone to run with :+1: Enjoy the rest days :blush:

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@tunster are you & Mrs T doing the UTS tomorrow? If you are, weather looks bob on. Have a good one.

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@Doonhamer yes we are/were going to do it with a colleague from work

Mrs T has however come down with a rotten chest infection and won’t be able to do it so just myself and colleague. Conditions look to be pretty much perfect - dry all week and a proper good forecast

Have a friend doing the 100k - that looks like a proper tough route for sure. The 100 mile version looks incredibly difficult


Good luck, my foot is a bit sore and tight so in hindsight my decision to sell the place was probably for the best.


Good luck. The guy I met at the coffee shop that put me onto the Half Oner, was down to do the 100 mile UTS but after his experience at the Half Oner, he’s pulled out and now decided he ‘hates’ ultras and is going back to general fitness.

100 mile UTS would have been a huge ask for your first one. He seems a bit of a ‘bucket lister’ but that race looks proper tough. I think even the 50km has a 14hr cut off?


100 miler in Snowdonia as a first 100 would be nuts

Here is the first 24km with circa 2000m of vert


Bloody hell!

It’s going to be mental busy up there! Super sunny Saturday plus the UTS lot.

I’d be avoiding that are this weekend if I were close, that’s for sure! :joy:


I’ll be up there doing The ROC as well :joy:.

Fortunately I don’t think we’ve got to queue for the summit but there’ll be a lot of excuse me, pardon me, on your left/right on the descent.


Really?! Shit me. That’s gonna be mental! :joy: :joy: :joy:


And, going by other threads, add in all the DoE teens all over the countryside. Think I’ll stay at home thanks :scream:


Good luck Tunster!

Very envious…should be a fantastic day out!


Great day out - shame that Mrs T couldn’t join us due to her chest infection

Stuck with my work colleague for the whole route (a) to provide support and encouragement (b) to treat the event as a training run for SDW in 4 weeks and so that can do another longish run tomorrow.

We were in wave 2 of the 25k so last race away but was very well put on. The 100 mile set off at 1pm on Friday, the 100km set off at 5am this morning, the 50km at 8am. We were off at 10am.

By the time we arrived it was already really warm - 20 degrees at 8am.

Ran to the foot at the Llanberis path and then the long walk/very occasional jog to the summit of Snowdon. Very slow going at times due to the fantastic weather - especially towards the summit with our race, the 50km going the other way and on the way down a lot of folks from the Roq event - plus the general public.

From the summit down the Rhyd Ddu path which was slow going with little opportunity for much running and narrow in places with runners coming the other way.

At the bottom of the path was the only aid station which couldn’t come soon enough (14.3km) as had run out of liquids
and the heat was building higher especially in the places where there was no breeze.

From the checkpoint it was up up up through bogs and old slate mine waste tips up to the pass just below Foel Groch - from there downhill all the way.

My colleague was flagging on the way up but we were taking places steadily. From the pass it was around 5km of quad battering downhill to the finish. I kept pushing her and only had 1 person overtake us on the way to the finish. We must have jumped about 15 places. Pleased with that.

Cracking day out


Well done ! Do those recovery boots work ?


They’re Eurovision boots, got voted null points by all countries except Malta

Looks like a great run though :mechanical_arm: