Training exploits from Pro's and ex pros

New thread for interesting / mad training sessions from Pro’s and former Pro’s

Emma Pooley has been going a little mad this year, with a ride pretty much every week that would take most normal people a month to recover from. However, this week’s edition seems even madder than normal. She’s not giving anything away what she may be training for

Massive ride, and 19 QOM’s


She could’ve done a “Trenching” there - amateur :wink:

I think Skipper’s weekend will slot right in here. From twitter: CC Breckland 12 hour complete, Provisional British record with 326 miles


Pretty sure I heard on OA that the Norwegian ITU lot did a round a mountain ride 300km++ ride in one day because they fancied it.

The elevation Pooley did is just nuts.

That’s insane over 27 mph (44kph) average for 12 hours

I’m guessing it was a flat course

I would have thought so, it’s South Norfolk and it’s pretty flat down there AFAIK. Blooming impressive though

Having been overtaken by her on Bodenburg whilst she chatted all the way…nothing would surprise me…

She took the woman’s Everesting record recently as well