Training Peaks - Worth it?

Holy moly it looks complicated (in a good once I understand it kinda way). Will need to backfill data and races for it to make sense.

It automatically tags every run as a “jog” which quite frankly I find offensive. Do I need to manually edit the run type for each run?

Yeah that’s the problem i have. I guess that’s because i have always used strava as my ‘touchpoint’ so when i update it to ‘workout’ or ‘race’ that change obviously isn’t happening in Garmin connect, which is where this runalyzer thing is pulling from. Same as all of the names of activities etc.

If i want ot start using this piece of software, then i guess i’ll either have to start using GC a bit more in labelling and tagging my runs, or duplicate across strava and Runalyzer.

Yeah i had a quick look after dumping all 7,000 files into it! haha

It is a bit more pessimistic for me. When i ran a 1.17 half, it had me down for a 1.20 - so not miles away i suppose. Though the ‘blue’ prediction was even worse. The blue one was even more critical of my London shape in 2017.

I’ve never yet managed to get it to align my blue and red lines for marathons. I have no idea how much volume it ideally wants for that. A lot, clearly!

Yeah, a huge amount i would say as i averaged over 130km per week for 10 weeks (not including 2 week taper) before that marathon (and that included one week of only 50k when my daughter had an accident so i couldn’t really run that week)! haha

There’s an insanely insensitive SlowTwitch reply to that somewhere.

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hangs head in shame

If only i hadn’t have been such a lightweight i wouldn’t have got that injury just before the race and then i wouldn’t have totally wasted all that effort for a 1.20/1.41 mara split!! :expressionless:

@gingerbongo - What’s it saying for your overnight run?

" 2 a.m. is considered as most extreme time for a training"

Not sure what i should be looking for …

But the TRIMP is 713, training effect 3.6, climb score of 8.5 (4 x cat 5, 12 x cat 4, 6 x cat 3)

I’ve got to be hones … i haven’t got a bloody clue what it all means, and whether or not it even means anything! If i’m disciplined in accurately ‘tagging’ the activities going forward, then i think that will help.

I haven’t changed the time stamp.
In the bottom right there’s a warning about 20 activities that were done during sleeping hours!!!

I moved from Suunto to Garmin…so my data has gone.
Downloaded Strava…missing December and January???

Loads of fun with WinZip command line unzipping all the GZ files.


From what I can see, a big benefit of the major players such as Training Peaks is the support for phone / tablet access. Strava Elevate is a great ‘free’ Chrome add-on, RunAlyse looks like an analysts wet dream, but these days I only fire up a PC at work, all my other online interaction is on phone or tablet. I want to browse my training data on the sofa in the evening, that means it needs to look good on a small screen.
That said, I only have TP free and only really keep it up to date so the history is there if I did decide to pay. If you have a coach pushing sessions to TP, I think the paid for version is probably a necessity, otherwise it just depends how much you like to look at the graphs.

Mobile friendly is what has helped this Forum tbh; I think without it, it was kind of ‘doomed’ if the die-hards left.

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Completely agree - since moving over it’s become much easier to stay up to date and post. The increased activity is the proof!

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So for my bike commute this morning 26km in 1h6m TP has the hrTSS as 42 and Elevate has it as 22. There must be a setting throwing it off as I’d expect them to be close. Anyone got an idea?

Hmm, are the HR parameters set the same i.e. the Zones and your Max HR? Are the Zones calculated in the same way? Same Threshold HR on both? That’s a big delta.

Id say TP was correct, or close. my 45-55min commute is around 45-50 also. I dont use elevate so cant help with settings there

In my experience the workout metrics on Strava are complete junk. Strava is great for its original purpose as a social media tool for athletes and it should stick to that.

My commute is 9.3 km a gentle jaunt takes me about 30 mins and gives a TSS of approx 18. Other day I was running late so put the hammer down and did it in 25 with a TSS of 31. Strava then told me that it was easier than my usual efforts. Yeah good one.

I use premium TP. Main benefit I get from the premium version is being able to plot out my own training and see where the TSS will land and be able to adjust the build (aiming for a ramp of 5-7 a week). Can also then work out the correct taper.

Going to get my geek on and check out RunAlyse.

Double checked and set the resting HR, LTHR and MaxHR the same across both (they were very slightly misaligned) it didn’t close the gap though. I’m guessing that TP is roundly correct - I can’t see why 1h+ cycle is only 22HrSS.