Training - What Training?!

Exactly that, my friend.

About 9 hours for me again last week,

3 bikes for 161K
2 runs for 25K - definitely seem to be getting over the knee problem
3 swims ~5K

Managed a 20:19 parkrun on Saturday, got a bit carried away, was running to work for my car, was fasted with a backpack so was pleased with the time as I wasn’t completely smashing it.

In the Lake District with the running club this weekend, hoping to get a decent ride in on Saturday and some kind of run on the Sunday.


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11.5hrs for me.
A great week, but rather annoying at the same time.

3 swims 5.25km: one open water at 14.8 degs. Somewhere close to an 30:19 for 1.9km (that’s ONE second per 100m off target pace)

3 bikes 171km. A club 10TT, an easy 3hr soon and a 25TT. Club 10 wasn’t great, training wheels and flappy clothes down in Northampton. 3 hour spin was fun on the new winter bike in the rain on Friday, with the club.
Open 25TT on Saturday I surprised myself with a 1:00:41 in the wind/rain/hail. (1.1s/km off that sub hour)

6 runs 51.4km : Upping the run mileage. Most of this was easy, with some intervals and a parkrun before the aforementioned Open 25TT.
Opening km in 3:17 hurt. Limped round in 18:04 (1s/km off a sub 18), still, that’s 38s off my PB set this season on this course.

Overall, with four weeks of proper training left until 113, I’m feeling great. Just a few bits of speed to ice the cake with now.

90 km of running for me this week. Took a week off track this week to go for a long run.

Ran 18km on the Monday - moderately hilly and the best i’ve felt on hills since my illness. So a good sign before Wednesday’s adventure.

62.4km on Wednesday, 2.6k vert in about 9hrs moving time (about 9.45 in total) overnight. Legs coped unbelievably well, was really impressed with that having not done any decent mileage in weeks, and having not run over 30km since last June. Slow pace obviously helped, as did it being off road. but i thought the hills would’ve bitten harder.

Then an easy 10km on Friday - legs were surprisingly alright.

Wanted to get out again on the weekend, but bank holiday innit. Got forced by the wife to sit in with her drinking wine and eating bad food instead. Tough life!

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Wait so the 18km wasn’t the long run? :thinking:

Finished off my week as best as could be hope for.

100km bike
34km run
415TSS - highest I’ve had in ages

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Biggest week ever

Bike 410km
Run 70.8km (including a marathon)
Swim 4800m
Elevation Gain 5400m


My 935 is finally showing ‘Productive’. I have to admit to feeling a little jaded this afternoon.

That’s a cracking week Matt but you seriously need to think about having a week or so really easy.

Maybe the next 11 actually, put your feet up and eat as many cakes as you fancy :thinking:


What Jeff said; lots of Rosti :slightly_smiling_face:

Went for a 7am training ride with Emma Pooley and a couple of others, first proper training since Marathon on Sunday. I was interested / concerned to find out how much the Marathon had taken out of me.

Ride was 2h20 long with an IF of 74%, which was pretty what I was aiming for. I didn’t push hard up any of the climbs (any ride with Emma involves climbing). Most importantly, I didn’t feel tired at any point, and I could have ridden much harder.

With another 2 weeks before Austria, I feel that I am in pretty solid shape. One can certainly argue that a Marathon PB, 3 weeks ahead of my “A” race is wreckless, however, it has pretty much forced me to start my taper nice and early, which ultimately will put me in a better position on race day

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And it will continue to plague you for a couple of weeks, even if you think you are recovered. Sounds like you are treating it with respect though Matt, so i think and hope that you will come out all the stronger for it.

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That’s pretty much what Emma said. We had an interesting conversations about recovery from a Marathon so close to the event, so long as I respect the recovery, the net effect of the run should be positive.

Alright name dropper :laughing:

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She does a huge amount to support people in our cycling group, and is happy to ride at anyone’s pace and chat about certain topics, where its fair to say, she has a vast amount of experience and credibility. However, I don’t think that I have met anyone else who is quite as focused and dedicated to running and cycling.

Well, to be highly successful at almost anything - it requires a lot of dedication, focus & inevitable sacrifice in some respect.

Another week done.
Cycling was front loaded, then running in the latter half.
Missed a swim due to being effing knackered after the 125 mile drive to work at 5am.

Two measly swims of 3.6km 1:03
140km cycled over three sessions 4:27
21 miles / 34km ran over four sessions 2:48

Recovery week, so happy with those 8.5hrs.
Not happy with being 5lbs above my target weight.
I didn’t drink for a whole week and cut snacks, too, but evening meals with colleagues are quite large!!!

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Happy with Third x 15 hour week for me, biggest three week block ever done. This week:

2 swims = 7.3km
4 bikes = 280km, with a 160km long ride
3 runs = 43.3km, joint biggest week ever including a 28km long Run.

That’s probably my longest run of the season done (maybe one more about the same), but will keep building weekly distance body permitting.

Physically that’s probably close to about as much as I can handle this season, so happy I’m doing it consistently. Much welcomed recovery week next week and then hopefully another 3 weeks of the same (with slight progression).


Sensible week for me for a change

10.5 hours
TSS 761 - which is 20% down on my average, but generally low intensity
Nice wetsuit swim on Sunday, HIM simulation in 50m pool, 33:30 which is better than I feared, throw in an element of competition and some good drafting I should be around 31-32 mins

Plan this week for a TSS of 500-600, most nice and easy, but have a 500m hill climb TT on Saturday, only 25 minutes or so.

14 hrs for me last week which has left me wiped out after the 12 hr week before. Pleasing to get a longish run in again so hopefully I can continue building that back up.

Rest week coming up with 9 hrs planned of all low intensity stuff ready for a test week next week to see if my css and ftp have moved. Hopefully they have and in the right direction. :crossed_fingers:

You people piss me off :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
I swim 27-28 for 1.9km in a wetsuit in the pool.
And that’s only hampered by heat.
I get into a lake and it’s up to 30+ minutes
(Last attempt was 32 dead. But GPS saying 1:31/100m)