Training - What Training?!

Time to carry-on where you left off.

It would be nice if you did some training in addition to talking a good show, right? :yum:

Just plotting my ascent to running 60-70mpw.
Trying to get one of those blue numbers for a race I don’t want to do.

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London? I just don’t see the attraction under any circumstances.

I’m not sure I’ll ever run a standalone marathon. I’m erring more towards ‘adventures’ than athletic achievements these days.

I’ve got to be honest, i was exactly the same. But, for some reason, i did London in 2017 and i cough was really impressed by it. The atmosphere was really amazing, and i would possibly be tempted to go back up there one more time to do it justice (got injured/niggled last time, so hobbled around the back half).

You’ve probably done more ‘big’ events than me Jorgan, so maybe your steely (iron?) mind is less influenced by such things. But i would definitely encourage people to give it a crack once.

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I’ll be honest, it’s more the fact I don’t like huge cities - and the thought of doing an event with tens of thousands of others somewhere like London (where I’ve been many times) doesn’t appeal. I’d be drained before I started.

Haha - exactly the same as me, which is why i was so surprised that i liked it!

I hat going to London normally and i’m not a fan of people. I find Exeter to be a’big’ city … and that’s flippin tiny!

Yip, after my first “Big” half at Nottingham, I realised the big events weren’t for me.
Even watching London on TV made me feel anxious at the amount of people…

…however, getting a blue number is a different story. Totally different start pen and course to yourself.
I enjoy London, so that aspect doesn’t put me off.

To be fair, the process goal of getting a Champ start is more appealing than the race itself.
But, it’d be rude not to do the VLM if the opportunity presented itself.

I really enjoyed London the second time i did it. The first i don’t remember half of it and it was pretty unpleasant due to 3 months of no running until 4 weeks out. Its such a good atmosphere with the crowds, the runners all having fun together. Well I was around 4 hours so its a bit different to the sub 2:45 lot where its less busy and a proper race though.

That’s how the principle of progression works right?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Decided it was about time for a bit of an adventure last night … though a tincy bit regretting it now sat at my desk after 2hrs of broken sleep in the back of my car in the car park outside my office!


I was about to impress everyone with my bike and run all in the same day. You’ve ruined it now.

Sleeping in the office car park - that will start some rumours!

Lucklily most people knew what i was up to :rofl:. It was 2 hrs crappy sleep there vs. zero hours if i went home, as the family would’ve been up.

This day is going to drag methinks!

After maxing out the week before last…it was back to reality last week with;

0 swims
4 x bikes (150 km)
3 x runs (17 km)


WRT London. I guess I am biased, but it is an incredible marathon. I get you can take or leave the rest of London…

But for those 3 hours or so, running through what is essentially a wall of noise, is something else. I can imagine it is what riding up Alp D’Huez in the tour or playing top level football feels like.

I have also run Berlin/NY out of the other big ones and they don’t come close.

Is the Blue start better than GFA? It is busier at 2:45 pace that is for sure. It also misses an easly hill in Charlton. If you are early to the start line you also get to see the big boys warming up up close. Also I have a sense of pride that I have achieved something that when I ran 4:03 for my first marathon seemed impossible.

As for not training. I have run alot :wink:


Decided to finally get 2019 started properly. New baby in Jan has really derailed the semi decent running I was getting towards at the end of 2018.

2 days bike commuting 100km
3 runs 20km

See if I can continue this good run over the weekend.

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Special Forces training… don’t mess with the guy on the left :ok_hand: :upside_down_face:

Where is the kazi? Make sure you shit well away from where you sleep.

Is that something you learned by trial & error?

Jorgan before

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You must be related to this guy…