TrainingPeaks noob

So it’s December, I’m kind of happy that tp has imported swim bike and run activities but that’s about it. HrTSS and rTSS now almost always match within a point or two.

However, there are a few things making my life awkward

It doesn’t display individual discipline TSS or distance or the weekly summary

If I edit the distance of a session it loses the TSS

Apart from importing all activity types, I’m not sure it’s actually doing anything useful for me

I’d like to commit to a platform for 2021, is there anything free that’s better for basic aggregation and reporting?

I used to use sporttracks before TP, its free and was OK but not online, golden cheetah is better than ST but not online either which is my issue with it. TP is worth the annual fee for the charts, or get basic and pay a one off for WKO5. The reporting in it is powerful; fully customisable charts. (note: i think WKO5 works with the free account, i have coach account)

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?? It does if you’re a subscriber

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this? You can always just manually enter the TSS number back in, if it did disappear. How regularly are you changing data?

You can have individual sport CTL charts on the desktop version and also on the mobile version.
These have weekly breakdowns on.

Not sure why you are manually changing distance of a session but it shouldn’t change TSS as it is based on power or HR and time.

Yeah I had a good look at golden cheetah a few years ago, but it;s the other way - far beyond any level of analysis I want or need :slight_smile: and as you say, a desktop app which isn’t my bag either.

@stenard @PCP I think that’s all paid for functionality. I changed a run today which I knew was a 5km route but the foot pod I was using recorded 5.9. Not a frequent activity but raised my eyebrow when the TSS vanished, as I would agree it is a function of Time and HR. In order to do all the things I want I have to use various apps and devices which means sometimes I need to correct a training record.

Ideally TR would import runs and swims, but they aren’t willing to commit to it so I need to move on. TP seems okay, probably better when paid for, but it;s not inspiring me. Garmin Connect has a nicer interface but refuses to export data. Strava hides HR and power unless paid for.

I might try Today’s Plan, but that also looks awful from the screenshots I’ve seen.

Maybe I’m not clear enough on my requirements and looking for something no one wants to offer. Hmm. That could be it.

Without doubt. I’m currently on free, as I let my subscription lapse at the end of the year with no fundamental training or races, and when in free mode I hardly look at it. There’s nothing really of use to TP. I’m simply ensuring my data is kept accurate.

I’ll pay again in the new year, once training becomes more structured towards (hopeful) race goals. When it’s paid for, I can spend ages looking through all the data.

You can get free trials normally. I’m sure someone even posted a code for a free month on one of the threads a few months ago that might still work


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I think I might just use TP for running, then I can get my easy view of hrTSS, or rTSS, distance and time running, and one place for all my run data.

Bike stuff is all synched into TrainerRoad and has decent analysis there.


No that’s a ball ache too, no running apps compatible with TP. Only Apple Health which means all Apple Workouts.

Runalyze? Or is your apple issue a problem there?

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So I’m trying this;

RunCoach sets up a plan
Record my runs in RunKeeper or Zwift, both can report back to RunCoach although Zwift is via Garmin Connect
Both connected to Garmin Connect which sends activities to TrainingPeaks

Simple really :roll_eyes:

Also means that my runs will go to IMVR for my virtual races without switching apps :+1:


Bugger, that didn’t work. Run keeper data won’t go into Garmin Connect, it’s one way and the other way only.

Hi again, more newbie questions

So now my rTSS and HrTSS are way off each other, and have been for a few weeks.

I want to stick with hrTSS for consistency, but I’m getting hardly any “points” which is demoralising :sweat_smile:

It’s unlikely my maxHR has gone up from an already freaky 190, so is it more likely that my run threshold has gone up? I’m not doing any testing at the moment so unsure what to do.


Its all this low HR 10k running pace :slight_smile:

My LTHR has improved a little to 3:55/km however, my HR profile seems to have changed significantly, my HR stay really low, and then jumps up significantly when pace goes below 3:50/km. As a result when I am running at a nice steady 140bpm @ 4:05/km my rTSS is high but HrTSS is much lower

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Right, so I need to reassess my threshold run HR rather than maxHR

For what it’s worth, I have been hitting the highest Max HR that I have seen for at least 4 years (188bpm). In fact I was convinced that my Max HR had actually decreased as I got older, but apparently not. On the other hand, I really have to work exceptionally hard to get my HR above 165; it feels like 165 is the limit, but if I really put in a big push, my heart grudgingly will increase. Once past that threshold, suddenly I find that I can hold a high HR for a lot more time. Its one of the reasons why I am rubbish at sprinting in Zwift

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I think I understand what you’re saying about HR profile, but I can’t say I’ve noticed anything similar. My maxHR is from the January 5k PB where it steadily increased throughout the race until I had to put in a spurt due to traffic on the path which blew me up and I had to walk for a short while. HR did not spike at this point it just climbed a bit faster than it already was so I’m fairly confident in this number as at January.

Until I can schedule a 10k race effort, I’ll leave the HR stuff alone but I’ve updated my threshold pace according to the TP articles - extrapolate a new 10k time from my 5k PB. That’s dropped my pace by 10 seconds, so we’ll see if that makes a significant difference in the TSS calculations.

I’m not really hanging much on running TSS, but as I’m trying out TP this year I want to give it as good a chance as I can.

TP is such a cyclists platform. I don’t know why i’ve just subscribed for another year!!! haha. Though i do like the way it summarises and displays the data, and allow me to go into the individual activities etc, especially as i’ve sacked my Strava premium off now.

The TSS figures are a joke though, and do have an impact on demonstarting my weekly loads.

Last Sunday i do a 65km ride, 2hrs 40, pretty hilly but at a steady pace.
Yesterday i run 35.5km at 4.30 pace in about 2.40

Bike - 207 tss
Run - 212 tss

Get fricking real!!!


Good Morning :wave:t3:

Tried to find the thread, but could only see this one. …

… maybe DEALS???

Anyone got a discount code?
Like BCGOLD40 or something daft? for the win


Samsung vs Apple innit

It’s the training calendar and workout builder that I really like in TrainingPeaks - just drag and drop stuff around.

(EDIT: OH NO :face_with_peeking_eye: is a Training Plan a “To Do List” :shushing_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Push notifications to the phone and/or watch.

Sync a workout in rapid time.

TSS/CTL/FRO are just some numbers.
‘Twas about 50CTL and negative TSB (due to a massive CTL from trying to cram Some training in) for Cotswolds and I still beat you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I looked recently and couldnt find anything. The only ones I could find were the free 30 days ones, like Zwift30, Garmin30. I used a couple of those for now in the hope a better code comes along. TP often have sales on as well.

Intervals is good for analysis and data stuff, but I prefer the calendar on TP

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44 CTL going into Cotswolds, on an almost perfectly linear decline from 74 in May!

And you only ran 11 mins quicker than someone on one leg - with over 10 mins of slow walking.