Travelling to a run

Train to start, run, get dry and eat/drink, train home.

Simplest and lightest, while remaining relatively comfortable afterwards. I froze my ass off several times last AW. Joggers are great until you have to carry them or if it rains.

Midweek I can drop a hoodie or jacket at the pub for after the run, but weekend I’ll have to carry it all with me and change in between.


I’m assuming autumn/winter

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Ideally train stations would have free lockers I can dump my stuff, a shower and dry towels but hey ho.

Hmm, running gear itself is light so I might take a full set of running gear in my pack to change into after the run. Seems daft to double up on everything but standing around for hours in wet gear is worse.

Join a big gym chain like Pure, which have gyms almost everywhere with lockers, showers etc.?

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What is this thread about; running to the pub, then getting the train home? It’s a bit nebulous.

You need walking kit i.e. lightweight trousers and a primaloft jacket. Try a Endura Primaloft jacket; you can bike in that too. Squashes down to nothing.

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I don’t want to describe my weekend movements in too much detail.

Just imagine you’ve got to regularly get a train to start a run and have a meal or something afterwards and won’t be home for hours. And winter weather.


See above ref kit. The Endura jackets are brilliant. I tried cycling in winter wearing it, and I boiled :sweat_smile: (I ‘run hot’ though). Plus some Montane trousers or similar.

I got the first gen jkt for a song on eBay. You can get those trousers way cheaper too. You can wear all this stuff for other activities too. It’ll all go into a 15/20 ltr running pack with lots of room to spare.

If your start/end point is the place you’re eating can you just leave a bag there each week and change in toilets?

Or if it’s rural I just drop a bag somewhere quiet and hope for the best. Has only gone wrong once and that was a well meaning passerby who assumed I’d lost it and took it for safe keeping and return.

Run before getting the train?

Then you can shower at home, get changed, then get the train in comfort to your pub meal.


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This is not the Kobayashi Maroo, Kirk.

@TonyStark I do have access to better pools but I’m not sure I can book in, leave stuff there and come back a few hours later. I’ll check it out. Finishing with a light swim and shower has some appeal.

I have no idea what that means, and after using Bing to tell me, I still have zero idea on how it applies to this?
Just don’t run when you have to do this Special Nebulous Mission :person_shrugging:

Or maybe you don’t have access to a car on these days and the train station isn’t near the pub?
In which case you need “some mode of transport” to get to said pub, which I assume is immovable, from what you’ve mentioned about a mid-week bag drop.

I wonder who you visit at said pub? Can they drive? Are they able to collect you?

This is all so esoteric :wink:

I mean you that can’t change the parameters of the scenario to ‘win’. :slightly_smiling_face:

For wet days I think I’ll just have to plan to carry kit. I’m getting it out today to weight it all.

In winter the pubs have their heating on full blast so quick drying trousers/jacket may help.

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This thread is too fucking weird. :smile:


What about a luggage locker for an hour?

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Not bad, found a luggage storage thing which costs £4.90. Certainly an option worth having.

A cheaper option would be to hand your bag into lost property at a bus station and then go back and claim it later :slightly_smiling_face:


Wearing a fake tache and some glasses.


FGS, just go to blackpool and spell it out :upside_down_face: