Tri and Bike Online Stores

Apart from Wiggle/CRC, are there any other retailers?

Sigma, Merlin.

Or do you just use google to find the cheapest product?


Demon Tweaks always worth a look.

What are you looking for specifically or just cash burning a hole in your pocket?

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Token bottom bracket for gravel bike

Press fit bearing press

CO2 canisters

Waterproof headphones

11sp quick links

Wetsuit / NOT HUUB

Trisuit / NOT HUUB

Maybe a Giant Trinity or Canyon Speedmax, too.

(Amazon = NO :x:)

Zone3 have had some decent deals on direct from their website this year.
Last years top tri suit was proper slashed in price when they released V2. And seem to have regular wetsuit sales

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Trisuit is gonna depend on style, we’ve already had the are Zoot shit or not debate :joy:

I’d google for cheapest price for the rest. Amazed your gravel bike bottom bracket is bust already. Mine is still going strong on the original, 11000 km later.

Good to see your getting your mojo for it back!

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I’ve chowed through three bottom brackets over just 1200km.

It’s shit. And an obvious design flaw.

Do you have a photo of yours up close?
Maybe one for Gravel thread

@leahnp - My current figure wouldn’t suit a corset :face_with_peeking_eye: who are these eBay cycle retailers? It’s just awash with Chinese resellers when I try :sob:

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I like the nopinz trisuit. Pricy but it holds you in like a corset.

The eBay cycle retailers are getting some custom this year for things such as C02

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I really like my Tri-fit tri suit.

I use


I’m also browsing Balfes a lot because of their acceptance of bike scheme vouchers

I use a few but always compare prices first:
Wiggle - quick and reliable
Decathlon - good for spares like inner tubes, have bought cassettes etc from them recently too
Merlin and Sigma - if they have it, often the cheapest option

Chain Reaction cycles - used to be good but I haven’t used them for a while, think they are focussed more on off-road now
Evans - generally more expensive but did click and collect for free so could be competitive. I did have to pay £5 delivery for the jacket yesterday, first time I’ve used them for a year or two so maybe they’ve put a high limit or stopped it?
PlanetX - can be good for specific items, less so for replacement bike parts

Just used my cycle scheme voucher at Handsling Bikes :+1::+1: awesome customer service and a beautiful bike is on its way


Chain reaction = wiggle

Same stock and prices


Never knew that, thanks

<wanders off to delete Chain Reaction bookmark> :slight_smile:

If you use a cashback site it’s worth keep both as the rates are sometimes different. So TopCashBack currently offers slightly more cashback on Chain Reaction purchases than Wiggle.

Probably only relevant on a big shop though, otherwise pretty negligible.

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They’re now owned by the Mike Ashley empire, so their delivery charges and click and collect are the same as sport direct (aka, not free)

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Looks like Wiggle and CRCs owner are in a bit of a pickle.


I meant to mention that yesterday, I think they’ve delisted in the US?

Seems to be the cycle part of the business though.

With entry level bikes in some cases around £5k I’m not surprised people make them last longer.

Yeah they have de-listed and said part of that means they dont need the overhead of reporting. Also means they can keep their loses and state of their financial much more secret

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It’s sad but I was thinking the other day I haven’t ordered from Wiggle in a while.

Can’t put my finger on the reason why. Certainly not price related, just alternatives have been more aggressive with their advertising and deals.

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