Tri Bike Shoes

check out Northwave ones. I have wide feet and they fit me fine

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Still looking, didn’t order Northwave.

I’m considering the DHB Trinity Tri £55 - they look like they have a Velcro strap to attach to the crank arm…anyone used them?

Or Fizik R4 Transiro £84?

I have a pair of these and they’re fine. The big velcro strap is long but, if I don’t fold it down at the end it doesn’t touch the crank. I have always assumed that the point of the lines on the end of these were so you could trim parallel to existing end. They’re quite broad, which is good as although I don’t have feet like a hobbit I often have to by runners a size up from ‘normal’ shoes.

The Fiziks look lovely though

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So does that work, keeping the shoes upright then rip off as you start pedalling?

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I meant when the strap is closed it doesn’t touch the crank when closed properly. The strap closes from outside to in. To keep them in position for T1 they have the loops at the back for grabbing but also makes attaching an elastic band easy.

Ah, I misunderstood the pictures and thought the “crank arm fastening loop” was a velcro strap - ignore me. :smiley:

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My Northwave are like that, they’ve rubbed so much they curl up and have got dirty, so now he ends no longer stick down at all, which just leads to the rubbing getting worse.

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The R4 shoes are nice and the velcro fastens away from the crank so it doesn’t catch during the pedal stroke. Not raced in them yet so cannot comment any further.


I’d like those Fiziks’ if they were one colour. Not loving the two tone look there!

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Or if they weren’t made for people with skis for feet! :rofl:

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I bought some Fizik R3 Transiro in the end (RRP is high, but there are some good deals around :eyes:). Compared to the Bont’s I had before, they have been on another level. Fit works a lot more for me (long and narrow), each pedal stroke = more power. I like the BOA dial as well to lock down my foot. I couldn’t get the same with velcro. I still need to practice my flying mounts (I only ever practice when it’s a race!)

Having sent my first ever “returned item” last week, maybe I should get with the millennium and just order ten pairs and return nine of them instead of trying to research :smiley:

Are fiziks really narrow then?

I did the this, ordered 2 sizes and picked the best fit. I went for 0.5cm gap at the end.

Gotta do what you gotta do. Running shoes, bike shoes, coats. Anything where there’s a lot of variance, this is what i do.

I found the Fizik to be very narrow, but i have weird feet.

Any wide/hobbit footers have recommendations? I have a weirdly wide mid foot and can’t find anything that doesn’t squash. Just sent Shimano Wide Fit back for ref.

Road shoes rather than Tri.

Next step is Lake, but the price makes my eyes water.

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This is exactly my problem. Took me ages to realise that a wider toe box wasn’t helping, i am fat around the mid foot so the imaginary ‘band’ that goes around the middle of a shoe and tightens with the laces/dials compresses the outside of my foot and is super uncomfortable/painful.


I bought Northwave Storm Carbon in January last year, and they’ve been fine for me!

edit - dug out the details. I paid £135 for them (wtf) but looks like they’re available for £99 at the moment!

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Same here, so super expensive Lake all round then

I might just size up on the fixiks

Cheers, will have a look around for Northwave.

There’s a local bike fitter who does Lake shoe fitting, so that’s my next step I think.

Time saved in shop visits and order/return cycles may balance out.

Have you Tri’ed Bonts?

Tri’ed :grinning:

Not yet, another for the list.