Tri Bike Shoes

What bike shoes do you use for races?

Currently use Bont TR Riot - but the velcro strap is really long and sticks out to the side.

I only have one pair of bike shoes, Spesh BG

Northwave - fit my wide feet

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Spesh TriVent 2008. £35 from eBay in 2009

Old spesh trivent .

Must have 3/4 pairs.

Got some fizik road shoes that are crazy comfy for long rides.

Mavic Cosmic Elite Tri shoes. They’re the tri version of the road shoes I was using. Comfy sockless.

I used a pair of Spesh Trivents until they fell apart. Been using my Fizik road shoes for everything now for quite a while.

Used to love those trivents. Might take a peak on ebay

Pennies, lots of people are one and done for tri.

They spend a fortune for one race, store it for 2/3 years, realise there never goi g to race anytime between and flog it for pennies because it’s out of fashion …!

The last pair I bought were £9 in very very good Nick but have discolouration on the front, I use toe covers anyway.

Bontrager Hilo. Super comfy for me. Only got narrow feet…

I’ve found some. Not quite £9 but they’re supposedly arriving Saturday :relaxed:


That was quick!

My latest purchase has also just arrived.

A 10cm Outwell Dreamcatcher SIM (self inflating mattress). Got good reviews, so fingers crossed.

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The old white /silver design?

I had some newer ones and flogged them as they were a touch tight.

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They’re all white, black bits on the sole

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I use Sidi T5

i’ve got quite narrow feet and they are one of very few shoes that fit me well.

I never knew there was a difference.-
Another thing to spend money I don’t have on, or completely unnecessary for a mid-back packer in ironman distance?
I’m unlikely to have training kit and racing kit.- Particularly since it’s usually warm and dry over here.- so all the talk on other threads of training/racing wheels, chains, innertubes etc is somewhat daunting.


Giro Empire SLX with tongue cut out and elastic laces.

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They generally do up with big velcro straps so you can get in and out quicker. Relevant for shorter races but for LD tri I’m not sure 20 seconds is that important. They may also have bigger vents or be designed to dry quicker.

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I use the Fizik shoes for that same reason.

Thanks, I’ve a got a few on the shortlist and I’ll wait for ebays/sales :+1:

I just worked out this morning that the velcro on my bont’s can double back so it doesn’t flap out wide. I think I’ll give that a go at the weekend.

I’m looking for new Tri shoes as well, but I need wide fit. I’m using roadie Gaerne for a few years now - fine for Iron distances not so great for short course.