Tri Club Management Solution

Hi All,

anyone have any experience with Club Spark and Team App etc. I need to do some investigation for my Tri Club. We need an app/website to book sessions, onboard members and sell Club Kit etc.

Just doing an evaluation now.


We used an early version of club spark (iirc*) but it was quite clunky and didn’t really overcome or reduce the admin burden at the time and was eventually dropped.

I’ve just had a look at their web now and it bears no resemblance, so like lots of apps, they have come a long way…

  • i am now actually really struggling to remember - so i may be doing them a disservice…

Thanks. We shall try it out in any case as I believe it comes free with BTF.
We do need something as GDPR and Covid Tracing etc means that it is becoming increasingly more administrative to book training etc and be aware of who turned up etc, while of course following the strict data rules.

I thought sport clubs were exempt?

Of course data protection is important anyway, but just saying.


my cycling club uses membermojo. No idea what its like from an admin perspective, but as a member, its very good.

Think we use TeamUp … or somesuch

I think if you are not using anything TeamApp is really good as free solution. Will keep you posted

Oh bloody HELL my life would be easier if that were the case…
Trying to get current students in touch with alumni, changing addresses, GDPR wording, it’s all there and not fun at all.

Don’t let me confuse the matter, its hard enough as it is I know. If you’re in, you’re in.

I deal with enterprises so I’m not an expert on sport clubs, but I attended a GDPR session six months before it came into law where we covered exemptions - non-profits organisations like social clubs were to be exempt. Iirc the solicitor presenting used darts/runnings clubs as an example. I’m obviously out of date.

In fact I think my bike club AGM may have clarified it a few years back. Something about becoming a formal sports club. CASC maybe.

We sit in a weird one, we do have to report and monitor GDPR but our charitable status is through act of parliament and association with an educational body. Gives benefits, also takes away!