Triathlete first women passing para AAPPS

They dropped in that she’s a triathlete down a the bottom. A few women have tried to pass the course, she’s the first to get through it. Selection criteria look tough enough!

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She did 9h48 in Talin last year, first in AG, 9th woman overall. I guess she will be at Kona this year

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Great surname :wink:
Us Wild’s are made of strong stuff. :muscle:t3:

(No relation just the same surname)

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So not just a triathlete but a pretty accomplished one! No wonder she was fit enough to pass the test.

P company is five days…!?

It was weeks years ago …!

Well done that girl anyway!!

Saw something recently that the Marines had spent 100k converting one of the barracks for women and barely any had entered and none passed.

apparently they have a week off before test week now…

i remember running with her at richmond half marathon in 2017. she eventually kicked my ass and finished in 1:21 ish, Very strong woman


Missed this, great story! Wonder if many more will start to see it as achievable, physically and culturally. Hope she gets on well, that second part probably takes an awful lot more than just one success.

Excuse my ignorance but is this a test to be a ‘regular’ paratrooper or a special one? Where does this sit in terms of SAS/SBS etc?

i can’t really comment on the course today…but it was 'ard in my day!!! The reality is that she has successfully passed the current criteria to be a para, so good luck to her.

The other SF courses are completely different in structure and emphasis, but P company was just very fast, brutal and unforgiving…if you made the standard you passed, if you didn’t then you failed. On my course, 15 passed out of 120. Although each of the activities were achievable, it was the constant wearing down, both physically and mentally, that took its toll. Six weeks of 3 - 4 sessions per day, 5 days per week. Test week was particularly tough simply because it had been full on for the previous 5 weeks and the log race and stretcher races were hideous. Night patrols in whatever weather after the 10 miler which followed the milling.

It’s hard to put a standard marker on the events, but the 10 miler is measurable. 10 miles across the mud of long valley, over flagstaff, the sisters and hungry hill…with a 40kg bergan, webbing, water and rifle…wearing boots…in 1 hour 40 mins, after the milling which followed the 20 min steeplechase (cross country and water obstacle run). Knackered with a capital F.


The selection to which you refer is a different beast. It’s way longer, and focuses on your ability to operate as an individual, as well as in a team.

@Mungo2 I assume by 5 days, they mean test week. She sounds like one of those annoying people who are great at everything they do :sweat_smile:

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From her tri reviews…
sub 10
And 1:21 half Mara she’s obviously got talent.

Big achievement for sure though

Attitudes at Aldershot and Plymouth have probably changed a lot in the last 30 years but the staff I knew would have hated a “ girl “ to pass the commando/ para course.

I guess somethings have changed for the better

Bet she still closes her eyes and flinches when she pulls the trigger though… :smiley:

the fun starts now…

‘Red Troop’ had a female almost 20 years ago; I don’t see what the problem is. If anything, she was the one who actually looked like she’d done some wpn trg :wink: :laughing: (Heather Peace)

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conduct after capture…along with MOD payouts for miscarriages…

I was being glib!

chortle chortle :grin:

I’ve half stopped listening to the Brick Podcast, but still download when there’s a good guest. He interviewed Rosie Wild recently and it was quite listenable. Not as much about Mark as feared it might become with his para background, he adds more than just solely dominates the conversation.