Triathlon X - Extreme/Full/Half

The new TriX Oly & Sprint should be a giggle tomorrow in this fine weather. Shame the weather is breaking for the main event (HalfX) on Sunday tho!

I’ll sandbag and say I have had manflu all week - only just recovering.

Problem is there is finally another from my tri club who’s coming along so now it’s race on. Typical.

Well done to all finishers at yesterday’s 1/2 X in what were brutal bike conditions - I will post some pictures of the temporary flooded transition with kit floating away in due course.

TC first V50 prize, chapeau old boy

I took paracetamol in the morning to dampen the leftover fever (had been in bed 3 days with manflu last week) and had honestly expected to maybe finish the swim.

As it turned out, hammering down Trout Beck at 60kph in torrential downpour with another experienced X’er and just having a giggle like small school girls at the bottom was all it took to clear the nostrils. We must have passed like 20 people on that descent. :slight_smile: Almost went off at Wrynose West due to overestimating tyre grip in the wet, but that’s another story…

Overall I finished 15 mins slower than previous years, and that includes the rather a lot harder run change.

Awesome event as always. And big thanks to Clive for being around to help out!

Hi all, I am very tempted to sign up for Full X. Never attempted anything like it (most extreme events I have done is IM Wales, Alpe D’Huez long course and the Wensleydale Cheese (amazing race; RIP). I am just wondering what the turnout is like competitors wise, what the logistical support is like (eg feed states, signage/marshalling)? Also, given it is open road, on a weekend in summer, does it get congested with cars esp on the steep ascents/descents?

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Welcome to the forum JRW

The old Wensleydale cheese, ahhh, I remember, my first ever tri in 2007, and next one was the Ben Nevis that had the 56 miles of MTB, and tootling along the road early AM in wetsuit to T1 for the start, ah, those were the days eh!

Re the Full X - about 77 starters (100odd entered online?), 50 finishers this year. Signage was good, especially as there was an ultra run also crossing paths. The roads, surprisingly didn’t seem to be that bad, although there was that crash on Wrynose this year so it was shut thus cutting down on the traffic.

Bikewise - A major feed station at Whinlatter, apart from that I just remember a few containers of water being dotted about. I found it to be sufficient on what was a hot day this year.

Run - there’s a water station and then a fabulous feed station that are both passed twice (out and back). Marshalling was ok on the run, the signs did most of the work, and the fabulous small red flags on the tops really helped. Camraderie seemed good as well. A nice fairly low key event.

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There’s a few on here who knows that race quite well, myself included. I’ve started the full 4 times, the half 6 times and was one of the 15 idiots at the Extreme. Fire away if you got questions.

The race is extremely low key all through, no m-dot hype anywhere. There’s usually around 100-120 starters so swim is very non-biff, also because everyone knows there’s no bloomin’ reason to get in to trouble yet.
Since it starts at 4:30am the roads are almost clear until you exit Keswick. Even then, it’s small roads 90% the way and very few cars (exceptions being the A66 in to Keswick and the west coast main A road). Going over Hardknott and Wrynose you’ll see perhaps 10-20 cars (often some bad smelling smoking veteran cars, god knows why they drag them up there).

Logistical support is as low key as the event. I normally count bringing food for a 5 hour ride to get me to Whinlatter, with water refill at Honister (2 bottles with refills will get you through anywhere). Food stop at Whinlatter is a bag you fill with stuff and they transport there, plus often a few other bits the awesome helpers at the stop supplies. One year it was scones and strawberry jam, yum yum. :slight_smile: Other than that, it’s good to know of a couple of stops/shops along the way - Gosforth village shop (coke, sandwiches, bars, icecreams, etc), and the train station nearer Hardknott (free water point on the top floor platform). There’s course a water point in Eskdale but this year a lot missed it (even seasoned people like me).

Run is 13(?)k flat to a drop place, again your stuff transported there. Then 3k more flat-ish to the bottom of the mountain, and then a stooopid steep 5k or so to the top. Same way back. Getting off the mountain in daylight is your target, it’ll make life a lot easier (and if you’re there in the dark you’re probably going to hit a cut-off).

Short version - this is a low key event where you are somewhat expected to figure out stuff yourself. You’ll not get pampered through like an m-dot. There are no big crowds, mostly just sheep. But all your fellow competitors are all trying to help you get through, and only the top dogs are doing it as a competition. It’s not easy, but if you’ve done Wales you can do this one.

What it really is though, is a f…ing great race. Just be aware it’s rather addictive. :slight_smile:

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Oh, and do go ride Wrynose and Hardknott if you haven’t already. They are in a league of their own and while you might be the world’s best climber, you do need to get your brakes sorted.

Hi, I am signed up for Tri X on 6/6/20.

Any recommendations for a running hydration pack? I am guessing I will have to buy some normal wheels as well in case they disallow deep section rims, which is a bit of a pain as it will mean additional cassette and disc brakes…

I am going with two friends that tried some years ago, but only just managed the bike cut off so just ran the first part…

Anyone else already decided to take part?

I used the Montane Jaws 10 (I think it’s called). First time I ever wore and used it at Tri X ( a suggested no no!) and found it a perfect fit, serving its purpose well. The only annoying thing was the faffing to refill at the water stops, but not sure what systems are the easiest to refill?

Jury’s out for me next year, 1/2 of me knows that I can beat my 18 hours this year, but the other half of me wouldn’t want a DNF to spoil my achievement. Maybe my easy way out is to help instead, esp as I have the Extreme a little afterwards!

T2T - I’d be extremely surprised if they disallow deep rims. Mostly, really, it’s your choice and calculated risk.

Let’s put it this way, we had a TT bike at the Extreme this year. If they were ever to disallow something, Mick would’ve been out. :slight_smile:

(At the same time I’m curious what deep rim disks you got? Been pondering using the Venge for TTs)

I’d advice bottles at the front but it won’t matter that much really. The run for Full X can easily be done with a normal hydration pack - but make sure you can carry enough for 3-4 hours of hard terrain as the last trip up the mountain often has zero refill opportunity.

Hey all, I have an entry for the Triathlon X Extreme for 2020 but am now
unable to do it. I can transfer it to someone- anybody out there want it? I will sell it below the current entry price as I paid less than the current price, just message me if interested. Cheers

Anyone know if Tri Extreme happened at the weekend, and if so, did TC enter it (and turn up late for the start hah hah).

Anyone do it?

Many, many, many months later!

I have closed the other thread here.

The race reports have been read.
Fred Whitton has been completed (not by me, just by club mates yesterday)
Scafell has been scaled (well, 20+ years ago as part of the national Three Peaks, but hey!)
And I can swim in cold(ish) water, Helvellyn anyone?

Struggle was a piece of the proverbial, recce’d it twice and did it in the rain last year.
Nothing to worry about there.
The descent, however, was horrific.
Aira Force was also nothing to worry about.

However, doing the Struggle six-eight times, then locomoting 27 odd miles on foot afterwards?
Different story.

This is looking like a go-er for 2022, only problem is it’s Staffs 70.3 the following weekend :open_mouth:
And the 113 the following day :wink:

Hmm…TT smackdown, followed by some suffering at Stafford, or, a full day out in the Lakes???

Just updating this thread since both TC and I got included in the planning for next year (well, we kindly got asked our opinion).

The ultra and full next year (2023) are interlinked with an “in the moment” choice of route. Both does the Struggle and heads out over Wrynose/Hardknott, but you can then chose

  • to go Ultra, turn around and Hardknott/Wrynose it to Ambleside, and then another Wrynose/Hardknott/Hardknott/Wrynose (2 laps over the biggies), or
  • to go Full and continue on an easier route which loops around to Coniston (almost exact same height gain as the Fred, so the old Full X).

The run is then the Ambleside horseshoe clockwise and counter-clockwise for 21k each lap.

It’s quite a cool format since you can adjust on the day. If you’re running a bit late for the Ultra there’s still a Full race to finish.

Price is the same for both.


We’ll be there. Booked in at the Youth Hostel.


The Fairfield Horseshoe was the original plan for (at least) the 1/2 X but I remember it getting changed before it happened. Nice to see it back on the cards again.
For me personally, I’d probably find the 2 horseshoe loops harder than the out and back to Scafell Pike… not as easy to quit :rofl:


@Chrace meant ‘Fairfield’ Horseshoe btw not Ambleside. (bless, he’s a suvverner.) The full clockwise loop, then a reverse anti-clockwise loop. No support runner or owt is required, even on the ‘Ultra’.

Ultra stands for Ultra Hard btw not over distance. both the Full & Ultra are 140.6 (ish) IM distances.
The Ultra is basically a revamped ‘Extreme’ but substituting 2 loops of Fairfield Horseshoe instead of the moonscape run over to Helvellyn summit and the YHA, and back.

By default everyone is basically just doing the standard ‘easier’ Full bike route loop via Coniston and back to Ambleside HQ. And then doing the same loop but in reverse.

BUT, if having just gone up and down Wrynose & Hardknott from the East to West, you are still then stupid/brave/foolish enough to want smacking up for more 1in3 etc super hilly suffering, you just ‘sign up’ somehow or confirm at the Aid Station before Eskdale Green, and turn back to immediately repeat Hardknott & Wrynose West to East. Then doing it all again.
Obviously, all those turning back against the flow of mere numpTs will be viewed by said numpTs as g0dlike heroes. :sunglasses: :sweat_smile:

Basically, once you’ve been smacked in the face by doing Wrynose&Hardknott once, are you daft enough to go back and do them 3 more times? :open_mouth:.
Or just take the ‘easier’ (still hard) option of continuing on the standard Full route.

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Much prefer the simplicity of the old TriathlonX.

Ride the Fred, run to the top of the mountain & back! Job done!

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Indeed. Fabulous race. So why wasn’t Mark sold out and turning away entries?!
For the numbers that did turn up, it just wasn’t worth the huge risk & logistics. WCPGW? Everything basically!! So you have to applaud Mark for running it for so long, took some b@lls.
This is the next best your gonna get.