Triathlon Youtube/Podcasts/Strava accounts

At the moment I’m enjoying watching and listening to some audiobooks on my trainer rides, but also enjoy sticking on YouTube to see what’s going on, or a podcast now and then too.

Anyone got any recommendations for any of the below, or other Internet media related to triathlon/cycling/running?

Triathlon Youtube Channels:
Lionel Sanders
Eric Lagerstrom
Sebastian Kienle
Triathlon Taren
Nick Bare

Cycling YouTube channels:
Dylan Johnson
Vegan Cyclist

Triathlon/cycling podcasts:
TrainerRoad Q&A podcast
Purple patch podcast

Strava Triathletes to follow:
Eric Lagerstrom

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I’ve always enjoyed IM Talk. It can be a bit marmite as John and Bevan aren’t for everyone

Also That Triathlon Show has some good stuff in there

In no particular order, I watch:

GTN. (depending on subject)
GCN. (anything without the uber annoying Manon Loyd)
GMBN (Tech and skills stuff.)
Run4Adventure. (my favourite channel)
The Welsh Runner
Ben Parkes (in small doses)
GPLama (subject dependent)
Berm Peak Express
Ginger Runner

I have enjoyed watching cyclocross on youtube while on the turbo - about an hour of people suffering in the cold and wet is ideal. But finding an english commentary is challenging. UCI used to upload the full race about a week later, then GCN did some, but so far this year I have only found what I assume is Dutch / Flemish. Anyone else got a link?

The BBC have had race reports on their website for the last few races, maybe they will pick up some rights.

I think GCN cover it all don’t they … but you have to buy an annual subscription.

I’d not so much as seen a second of cyclocross until the last 3 months, but since following GCN on various platforms have found myself reading race reports and watching short clips. It’s bleddy mental!

though is it work paying a fee to watch MvDP beat WvA beat Pidcock beat everyone else every single race?! haha

Ladies seem a bit moer competitive!!

I used to watch hours of cross on Eurosport but don’t have that anymore. There is a fair bit on YT, delayed by a day or so.

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It always surprises me how much Dutch/Flemish I can understand while watching cycling. It really highlights the history of language. I will have to find some cyclocross on YT, always a good watch IMO.


  • IM Talk - I really like listening to John and Bevan
  • Fitter Radio - used to be much better IMO, now seems like infomercial for their sponsors and interviews with Bev’s coached athletes.
  • That Triathlon Show - totally depends on the interviewee as to whether I bother or not
  • Fast Talk - depends on interviewee
  • Greg Bennett - Greg seems likeable
  • Team oxygen addict - I think this was better with Helen on but still good for a listen
  • Inside Tri Show - I really like Helen’s interviews, much more about the person that ‘key session’ etc

On YouTube I generally watch cycling or triathlon (also IM on FB).

I have a subscription (currently free) to World Triathlon and you can watch a truck load of races

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Time To Live?


Ones that have faded in my opinion and are off my list are; IM Talk, Oxygen Addict, Tower26, Zen and the Art of Triathlon

Coach Joe Beer and The Kona Edge haven’t released in over a year but they were good.

I havent seen Eric or Sebs channels, Ill try them.

Ive ignored Taren’s content for a few months now, because it doesn’t seem to have much content. Some of his earlier stuff was interesting though.

Nick Bare is well produced but mostly guff. I tend to turn it off shortly after starting, trying to skip through to interesting material.

Joe Skipper and Brownlee TV haven’t done much in a while, but I’d still watch them.

I think YouTube content for Tri is pretty weak on the whole…but who am I to complain?

That Triathlon Life. (Eric L and Paula F)

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Listen to a lot of podcasts including lots already mentioned. Others could try would be:

  • The Physical Performance Show. Brad Beer is a tri physio, some episodes are clinical but lots are with athletes and coaches.
  • The Endurance Podcast
  • Simon Ward

Similar thread last year might also help:

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Hmm, don’t seem to be able to find it on Apple podcasts or search engines

Not triathlon but Watts Occurring is decent if you like Geraint Thomas & Luke Rowe

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I just found it on Apple.

EDIT: I’m lying, I found That Triathlon Show

I just watch it on YT. It loads on a Sunday afternoon.

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Eric Lagerstrom on Youtube has the TTL logo on all his latest videos. Wonder if that’s the same thing?

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Ah right, found it :+1:

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Another vote for Greg Bennett. Some of his interviews are incredibly interesting, really enjoyed the interview with the 2XU founder over Christmas.

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I’ve just got into podcasts so I’ll take note of a lot of the suggestions.

I’ve been enjoying;

  • Don’t Tell Me The Score with Simon Mundie
  • Life In The Peleton & Talking Luft with Mitch Docker
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