Triathlon Youtube/Podcasts/Strava accounts

It always surprises me how much Dutch/Flemish I can understand while watching cycling. It really highlights the history of language. I will have to find some cyclocross on YT, always a good watch IMO.


  • IM Talk - I really like listening to John and Bevan
  • Fitter Radio - used to be much better IMO, now seems like infomercial for their sponsors and interviews with Bev’s coached athletes.
  • That Triathlon Show - totally depends on the interviewee as to whether I bother or not
  • Fast Talk - depends on interviewee
  • Greg Bennett - Greg seems likeable
  • Team oxygen addict - I think this was better with Helen on but still good for a listen
  • Inside Tri Show - I really like Helen’s interviews, much more about the person that ‘key session’ etc

On YouTube I generally watch cycling or triathlon (also IM on FB).

I have a subscription (currently free) to World Triathlon and you can watch a truck load of races

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Time To Live?


Ones that have faded in my opinion and are off my list are; IM Talk, Oxygen Addict, Tower26, Zen and the Art of Triathlon

Coach Joe Beer and The Kona Edge haven’t released in over a year but they were good.

I havent seen Eric or Sebs channels, Ill try them.

Ive ignored Taren’s content for a few months now, because it doesn’t seem to have much content. Some of his earlier stuff was interesting though.

Nick Bare is well produced but mostly guff. I tend to turn it off shortly after starting, trying to skip through to interesting material.

Joe Skipper and Brownlee TV haven’t done much in a while, but I’d still watch them.

I think YouTube content for Tri is pretty weak on the whole…but who am I to complain?

That Triathlon Life. (Eric L and Paula F)

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Listen to a lot of podcasts including lots already mentioned. Others could try would be:

  • The Physical Performance Show. Brad Beer is a tri physio, some episodes are clinical but lots are with athletes and coaches.
  • The Endurance Podcast
  • Simon Ward

Similar thread last year might also help:

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Hmm, don’t seem to be able to find it on Apple podcasts or search engines

Not triathlon but Watts Occurring is decent if you like Geraint Thomas & Luke Rowe

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I just found it on Apple.

EDIT: I’m lying, I found That Triathlon Show

I just watch it on YT. It loads on a Sunday afternoon.

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Eric Lagerstrom on Youtube has the TTL logo on all his latest videos. Wonder if that’s the same thing?

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Ah right, found it :+1:

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Another vote for Greg Bennett. Some of his interviews are incredibly interesting, really enjoyed the interview with the 2XU founder over Christmas.

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I’ve just got into podcasts so I’ll take note of a lot of the suggestions.

I’ve been enjoying;

  • Don’t Tell Me The Score with Simon Mundie
  • Life In The Peleton & Talking Luft with Mitch Docker
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Ditto most of the above on YouTube, with 2 additions:

Fernwee (a bit Millennial and gravel)
Rides of Japan (for the implicit humour and production quality)

I listen to a lot of podcasts on rides and my former commute:

Thanks for starting the thread I’ve picked up a couple of new shows :+1:

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Do podcast recommendations have to be triathlon related?

As long as they’re not diet related :+1:

Listened to the Ian Stannard, Steve Cummings & Rohan Dennis episodes & about to listen to the George North one.

Good quality, laddish banter.


Yeah, the Stannard one is brilliant, although I found it pretty sad. Especially the lads bot knowing what he was going through.

Only criticism is that they are normally too short.

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