Triathlons GOAT

Worth remembering with Frodo that his Beijing Olympic win was somewhat of an anomaly in his short distance career, he only won two other WTS level races. His long distance palmares are far more impressive than short distance IMHO.

With Brownlee, sure he has a lot still to prove at long distance but I think that people underestimate his double Gold a little as ultimately he made it look quite easy. To win in the two biggest races four years apart is incredibly impressive


it was because she cycled an MTB in the mountains for a few months wasn’t it?


Sorry, should have qualified I meant greatest male. Greatest female and overall definitely up for debate amongst you more knowlegable folk, I don’t know enough on the womens side to compare Gwen/Chrissie/Ryf/Zaferes, who are probably only 4 I know of, along with overhearing names like Paula Fraser

Yeah I think 2xOly golds in this climate, along with say 1 or 2x 70.3 champs and a couple top 10s or a top 5 at Kona would be enough to start considering him. But if we’re considering greatest triathletes against people who have won at all distances then he needs to at least show some pedigree at longer stuff to be greatest overall


Men is Allen, I think we would all struggle to disagree there. I do think Lessing was up there regardless of Lessings well documented nutritional issues with long course, he was suitably dominant across much of the sport so deserves an honorable mention from the good old days.
Women, Erin Baker for me over PNF due to versatility but mainly because PNF has the most annoying voice in the world :wink: Cenzo’s famous comment one Kona chat room night “Id rather DNF than PNF” Karen Smyers is the lady that deserves a mention in the same page as the other two also, won Kona , 2 ITU world titles, a world cup and was dominant nationally at short course.


you also need to remember that Michellie Jones has continued to compete in her older age and has won KONA AG medals as well. plus, having met her, she’s one of the nicest athlete’s out there - no air or graces and happy to talk to anyone.

Chrissie also won AG gold at standard distance (Lausanne 2006) before being tempted by IM


Am surprised about ‘certain’ cynicism on here.
She did smash the amateur worlds (?I think) into touch before going long and joining Sutton.


I talk ten times more about boxing than I do about tri
Peds in boxing is huge, but fighters are being “ associated “ with illegal help just because a manager, trainer or stablemate has been popped or is raising suspicion.

Temptation is there in any sport but the money is a huge factor too.

Clenelo Alvarez probably earned more than the top ten triathletes in the World combined, and he’s gulley AF!

Money and drugs are never far from each other we’re ever you find them.

Yeah. Similar to what Froome did in Kenya :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Testing at ITU AG Worlds :+1:t3::ok_hand:t4::rofl::sob::see_no_evil:


and what Mo does in Ethiopia


Calm down chaps, lets keep TT2.0 free from possible troubles that could come from posts like these eh?


People are only commenting on how the high performing elite athletes like to train in the mountains :rofl:

That Maria von Trapp was very dodgy

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See also that Dalai Lama bloke, bit too clean for my liking


Is this why Van Damme is doing all those ads up in the mountains for Coors?

Not said anyone does anything.
Brits are all clean, I tell ya.

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Scandalous accusation. He’s never failed a drugs test

The now internationally renowned “eye proximity protocol” covers Brits


Oh man, you need to repost that here :see_no_evil::rofl:

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Maybe, but has he ever passed a drugs test…?