Triple Ironman & Cancer

Do we know if there are any Triple Ironman races planned for next year, ideally Enduroman as its local to me?
I lost my girlfriend on 6th Feb this year, she battled for a year with P-NET Neuroendocrine Cancer, she was 42 years old.

I made a promise to complete a triple ironman and raise awareness for this rare type of cancer which is usally found to late, also raise money for her charity Planetscharity (Based in Southhampton)

I’m not sure the brutal is doable in September, I have completed the double, but that was a while back (when I was a lot younger!!) and Enduroman is now local to me, so support teams etc will be easier to manage

I’m going to need a good year to prep for it

Any other races worth considering ideally UK Based?


Really sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Good luck raising awareness of this terrible form of cancer.

It’s not a triple, and not in the UK, however, have you considered Triverest, which is in Switzerland. 4k swim, 270k bike with 7000m over 5 mountain passes, 30km run with 2200m gain up a mountain. If you were interested, I could help organise local support


I’m sorry to hear about what must have been an awful past 12 months for you and your family Warren.

I don’t think you need to do mega training, as the fire is in your heart, fulfilling a promise to your partner. You’ve done a Double, you can do a Triple :+1: :heartbeat:

I think Enduroman are maybe focused on the Arch2Arc now? But there’s a site here that maybe useful:


I am not sure if Enduroman will be on again I’m afraid. I am not certain but I think that it generally cost more to put on than they made back and with such a time commitment from the organisers they couldn’t sustain it. I would say I am not 100% on this but I think you may have to look elsewhere.

So head over to Brutal Events for next years deca. There’s also a triple and double. Not sure where exactly in the UK it will be held though

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Very sorry to hear about your loss. If none of the organised events fit the bill have you thought about doing something solo with a support crew? Very doable if you can find a swim venue that will accommodate you.


This is looking like the event in July for sure - thanks

Hi @Warren_Holton, nothing to add event wise but the very best of luck.

Make sure you add the charity donation link onto the forum!

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