TriRig Omega One BNIB (eBay)

FYI if you’re considering. UK seller.

Spotted on eBay. Will save you the hassle and cost of importing.


Tempting. I have one ready for the front but haven’t stuck it on yet. I’m thinking it’s not worth it fir the rear brake.

Only for aesthetics I guess.

Whilst this would be nice, it’s about 50% of the price I paid for my TT bike :rofl:

£400 eBay TT bike, 2:27 over a 70.3.
£10.5k TT superbike, 2:23 over a 70.3.

I’ll keep the £10.1k, you can have the four minutes :kissing_heart:


Good spot. I do check eBay periodically

Holding out for one. My Planet X Stealth doesn’t need to be treated to a rear!

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I don’t personally see £20 (when you factor in the ebay postage listed) as enough of a saving over buying from wattshop to forego the benefits of having a right of return/warranty support, etc.

Saving on the hassle of importing is exactly why wattshop are the tririg UK distributor

I didn’t even know anyone sold them in the UK!

It’s £6.52 shipping with watt shop 💁 I would still take a punt on the eBay one; £26 in my pocket and there’s little to go wrong with a brake. I have the original, and apart from a respray as the paint started to bubble after about 6 years it works fine. I’ve no doubt the paint thing was sorted years ago.

210 for each unit though!

Same (the one with the screw on faceplate). The new one looks noticeably nicer, but can’t really justify it I don’t think.

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I have the Original Tririg brake too which I have just stripped the paint off because it was bubbling too, what paint did you use to to paint yours?
Incidentally I also bought one of the new Omega One brakes off eBay and I have to say its a gorgeous bit of kit and fits my newly painted Cervelo P5 forks a treat and is much easier to install and set up than the original so quite happy I bought it :grinning:


I just stripped it down and got it done at the same bodyshop that did my frame.

Helpful feedback.
Can I ask one key question? When travelling with my bike, I simply take off the faceplate and release the wedge to take some tension off the brake cable. This allows me to rotate and pack the base bar. The wedge just shifts up against the cable stop.

Hopefully I’ve described it suitably. Would this work in the same way with the Omega One? I’d really rather avoid having to release the cable from the wedge each time and then reset it with the correct tension etc