TriTalkers I have Met

Christmas is all about family right. Some of you must have a pretty big list…?


I met quite a few from the old TT1.0, but can’t remember all of them.

Hammerer IM70.3 St Polten 2010
Poet Cots 113 May 2019
Wheezy Cots 113 May 2019
JeffB IM Hamburg 2019
Matt IM Hamburg 2019
@tuckngo IM Hamburg 2019 (on the bike) think he’s faded away now?

I think that’s it of the TT2.0 crowd.


Not that many of TT2.0

Hammerer - in the distant past at one of the Ashford Tri events at Julie Rose Stadium
Doka - various para events
TC - every bleeding where!
Funkin - many places over many years (we’re from the old Pirate crew)
explorerJC - various events in his former capacity as BTF AG manager

probably others at events I’ve been a TO at but don’t recall any names - it’s my age y’know!


@FatPom - SDW 100 and Race to the Sones
@Sparky and Mrs Sparky at Race to the Stones
Repo at various silly long runs and few days out in the Peak District plus Gin Pit Marathon weekends
Martin Pether (forgotten his TT name) at Thames Path 100
@Toyota_Crown at Gin Pit marathon weekends but he usually just blanks me - perhaps as he only arrives 39 seconds before the start. Also recall a flash of denim at IMUK
Knightlancer and Grom also at Gin Pit Marathon weekends - last saw them both propping up a pub during the race with a pint each in hand (Mile15 or so if memory serves)


I’ve “met” chatGPT, that must cover quite a few right?


@chickenboy 1985, double Maths.


Pcp at Nantwich tri ( some one else from here was racing that day?! Shout up I chatted to a few)

Adam very briefly at IMUK he has a big smile and was moving well.

Sowler at hyrox excel, great fella, haircut … not so much!

Really hope to improve on this small list over the next year or so, I really like this site, there are no (unts, apart from me !


oops apologies Tunster. Yes probably, tho sounds early for me. You need to have tunster and your avatar tattooed on your head or sumfink FGS, I’m crap with faces tbh :sweat_smile:


Whole bunch at Cots & @explorerJC at Powerman the year it came to Sherborne. Been for an actual run with @gingerbongo , he beasted me all over the Devon cliff paths.

Always a pleasure btw - if anyone is in the SW this summer and wants to hook up for a ride or a run, game on.

From TT1… @ttowel and @savaloy at IMUK and ITU Budapest respectively

And probably loads of others without actually making the mental connection

There’s a race result from Dambuster where @funkster beat me by about 20 seconds, so guess we “met”


Yeah, quite a few! I’ve got a calendar upstairs on the shelf, if I remember (unlikely) I’ll get a few snaps of it later. I’ve got the artwork on CD somewhere but no idea where!


@Jorgan – Haven’t got time now, as that would be a LONG list, although mainly TT1.0.

However, I did just find an old race report with a photo link that still works. :sunglasses:

2006 Ludlow Sprint – TriTalk “End of season” race

@Cobbie (only one on TT2.0 I think)
Dr Dre
Fat Boy In Lycra
Brian of Bozeat

Prize Winners:
Best Girlie (Female) - Marianne
Best Girlie (Male) - Duncan74
Tail End Charlie - Dr Dre

Click on photo to go to the album

Seems like a long time ago, because it was a long time ago. :wink:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:

Met @AndyS & Michelle often, who I also found in Duncan’s IM New Zealand 2008 photos.



Yeah quite a few actually.

Cots in 2022 was a big one - Jim, Fruity, BadAsh, Poet (slept in the van next to him! To be clear that is in a separate van. The two vans were next to each other, not us! :joy:), Pacha, Doony, Buzz and then caught Sowler after the event.

Adam and I spent a good bit of time together before IMW this year - what a tw@ that guy is. :wink: :kissing_heart: :joy:

Also saw Doony supporting on the run. Saw Matt running on the other side of the road at one point, but didn’t get the chance to chat.

Sure I saw Jeff hollering at me from the side of the road at London mara in 2017 maybe.

Met FatPom this year too when he was down doing one of mate’s events. Proper Somerset that bei.

Also met @chickenboy a good few times - always up for a giggle with that crazy mo fo.


You didn’t see his purple velvet eyemask then?


Crikey, I met loads of people from TTv1.0 back in the years from 2006-2011 after which I drifted away. Many I’m still in touch with on FB or strava.

I met a few due to travelling with work when trying to find swim or run sessions who I knew less well.

A list of those not on @Paul_L 's list, in vague order of number of times met:

  • Daz … not seen him since lockdown as we both spend more time on parental duties but we used to meet up for running or hiking or drinking at regular intervals
  • @Toyota_Crown … on various ultra runs before injury stopped me running. I did Gin Pit one year so may have met tunster (sorry, forgot if I did), have met Grom a few times too and the artist formerly known as Wiganer
  • T Rex of Tri … lost touch since we last went to NZ but met up for tris & fell races pre him emigrating
  • Adrian_73 … first met when he recognised me running on the south bank from my avatar, we’ve met up for drinks in Manchester 2 or 3 times but he’s always horrendously busy when he’s over so always tends to be totally last minute
  • Spike … did OtillO together

After that let’s see how any names I can remember from the old days of Tough Guy, TLD, Norseman and A Day in the Lakes …

  • young gun
  • Pip (TG I think)
  • Tabtri (TG)
  • Dre (TG and South Shropshire and at a feed station on TLD)
  • Duncan_74
  • savaloy (did a 3 Parks run with him once on the Weds Serpentine session)
  • mountaingirl (Norseman and ADITL and several socials in London))
  • Cleo … (Norseman and several socials in London)
  • TonyP (taller than I expected :grin: )
  • Pompey (I think that was her user name?)
  • EJ (social in London)
  • ed_m (think he still pops in here occasionally)
  • Lapsed Ringer (at Beacons ultra)
  • @FatPom (at ADITL)
  • Newarktricky
  • bob holloway (did a turbo session with him when working in Woking)
  • Officer Dyble (might be misremembering the user name again)
  • Carlito (Beacons Ultra)
  • 400m (ran with him a lot when I did a project in Crawley)
  • FBIL (several times, live fairly close)
  • doug
  • Fidgie Pie (TG … last seen winning in the Crystal Maze on tv)
  • redbiker
  • Big willy (our planned Wastwater swim / Scafell Pike aquathon never quite came off sadly)

There will be loads of others I’ve missed … sorry :slight_smile:


The Slacks
mark stride
The woman who was elite and is now into body building (mind gone blank on her name)
Big Bopper

Could probably spend all day on this :roll_eyes:

Alice (Hectorsaurus)

(Only posted to see if my Christmas avatar came up :santa: )


ooh good question, I’ll have to think.

Tunster at SDW100 and RttStones
Sparky and Jan at Goodwood Marathon (and RttS)
Gingerbongo at Norm’s Helium Loops
Wheezy at Loomies moto cafe
La Marquise, Carlito and a few others at A Day in the Lakes 2010
Doug at Cotswold 50km
I met some folks at IM Wales 2017, we had a coffee on the Saturday but I can’t remember who was there :man_facepalming:

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Of course

Bob Holloway was ‘giantman’

Some pics from the archive:

Etape du Dales 2008 with Spike and a (delusional!) swimgod

TT Social Mar 2007 (2)
TT Social … maybe Robert with me and Daz?

Tri Talk Team  TLD 2006
TLD 2006 team photo

With spike on Zombie Hill 2009

bluepoolshark, Dre and ickle_nick at TG … 2007 maybe?


And I’ve met you obviously … maybe as much as anyone from pre triathlon days

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What kind of artist tho? :thinking:

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