Triverest - Triathlon over the elevation of Everest

Maybe Switzerland could host a new long distance event: Double EntendreMan? Just join up every place that sounds like it belongs in a Carry-On film

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PS for what it’s worth back in August went hiking with some mates in Switzerland, we stayed in Bitsch. Surely a town that needs to be included.


You would need a great tee shirt from that event


Seriously though, this event sounds super tough. I allowed myself to consider it for about 5 seconds before realising it’s way out of my league. Like 2 and a bit Alpe de Huez long course tris- could barely stand after 1.

If anyone here does it then you are of course obliged to produce a race report detailing every epic detail, so the rest of us get to ride it vicariously

Of course we need to get @stenard to take part as the best author of race reports

Don’t forget Fcuking in Austria.

Fixed that for you.

I don’t make any claim their good!

It’s going to be a long race, it could be a novel

Who could forget…

It would have to feature on the Double EntendreMan Triathlon

Really sorry for this post but you couldn’t make this up

The town of Wankdorf has a soccer team called the “Young Boys”

So you can watch the Young boys play in Wankdorf

Just been notified that I have been accepted for Triverest… it’s on my doorstep so would be rude not to give it a go


Kudos! You’ll need to report back afterwards Matthew, very curious!

I’m pretty stupid and far too gung-ho with these types of events, but that one even I consider out of league. And if travelling to Switzerland, burning brownie points etc etc I’d want a 90% chance before committing.

I’ll stick with the Extreme X for next year so far. Plenty daft for me as a retry.

Just had an email. Triverest on 24 July has been given official sanction to go ahead as it has less than 100 athletes.

The Kantonal authorities have approved the plans to keep athletes at a safe distance from each other. Supporters will not be permitted at the start of finish

This decision may be reversed if Switzerland need to reapply lockdown measures

Looks like I have an A race for 2020




“Enjoy” - great you’ve something this year. An Ironman will be a nice easy canter after this…

I did a very similar bike ride to this last year, on some of the same mountain passes, and it nearly broke me. Partly due to being right at end of season “fun” event, and I didn’t pay attention to pacing or nutrition, which was a big mistake. This is especially tough as the Marathon goes up a mountain… a mountain I can see out of my window at the moment, and I can tell you that it is a f***ing big mountain from where I am sitting. This type of event requires far more respect than an Ironman.


Good luck. Pacing is key (and nutrition and hydration in the longer events). My mum often says “oh you’re doing a 5k, that’ll be easy for you” and then you have to try to explain that no it’s not easy to race a 5k. It’s hard and it hurts!


one of my biggest pet hates!!!