TT bars for aero handlebars

I currently have Easton EC70 aero handlebars which are flat tops. I am getting back into time trials and always liked the tuck position over the drops. Does anyone know of a set of TT bars that would fit my current set up or any set up that allows you to have the flat tops and removable extensions a bit like the Vision Metron 4D or the Venge cockpit but a bit cheaper…

The only round part is the 15mm from the side of the stem to the flare out to the flats so that would be super narrow for me. Deda Elementi have some that have a single clamp onto a central bar that might do the job so just seeing if there are any other ideas or if thats any good?

Thanks all.

Those Metron aerobars will only fit on to the Metron 4D handlebars by the look of them so you would have to buy both the handlebars and the aerobars. I do not know of any that you can lamp on to flat bars though.