TT Bike Fit in Dorset or Hampshire?

Hi, does anybody have any recommendations for a TT bike fitter in Bournemouth, Dorset or maybe Hampshire?

Have recently returned to triathlon after a 10 year absence so need to update my position, thanks

Just outside but there’s a guy I’ve been recommended in Crewkerne. Is that too far?

Its about an hour away, that could be good.

It’s actually South Petherton by the looks of it. But pretty much the same area.


Is that with Kit Walker?

The contact email would suggest so

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Yeha it is. Dave M mentioned him. Crazy rapid himself I understand.

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Yeah, he’s won Outlaw something like three times now!

So many people using Liam Maybank around here but he wants over £350 - which is just bonkers imo. I’d like a pro to look at my position but not for a LD race entry fee

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Located more towards Winchester. Fits a lot for the road/testers in this area and gets good feedback from our local clubs.


Service de Velo? They’re in Botely, the Portsmouth side of Southampton. Can’t include links in my posts, apparently, so you’ll have to google them.

I remember a mail about them when I was in Venta. Pretty well thought of I think.

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You could pay Cyclefit prices - £500.

IBFI do communicate with their members about how much they should be charging. It is a 3-4 hour service plus bike setup post fit.

Level 3 IBFI is generally £300 - that’s the more qualified fitters.

I’ve always been happy with Scheritt Knosen in Thatcham but I’ve only used for road bikes .

Thanks for all the recommendations.

After a bit of research I went to see Kit at Total Tri Training. Had a great experience, reasonably priced and would highly recommend.


That’s good to hear, as I’m still keen to get this organised at some point. Realistically probably after Xmas. :+1:t3:

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