TT bike wanted

A friend of mine has just done his first triathlon. He is a former pro windsurfer and county swimmer. He doesn’t own a bike and is looking to buy a basic TT bike sub £1000. Is anyone looking to sell something suitable. He is 180cm tall so guess size M

Paging @FatPom

Weren’t you trying to shift a very nice cervelo for around that amount?

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I have a 2014 Vitus TT that was upgraded to Ultegra Di2 that I could sell - seriously less than 1,000 miles ridden on it. Whereabouts is your friend? Happy for them to come and try it out before buying.

(The di2 upgrade was because I’m useless at TT manual shifters but the cable routing and battery is external) happy to negotiate a price under £1000

I do need to admit that I’m unlikely to do another triathlon anytime soon…

EDIT: it is a size M


He’s south coast chichester area, sounds like a really nice bike. If it fits cold be perfect

Ah that’s quite far away. Anyway. I’ll DM you my email address and I can send details.

Think @FatPom had a brilliant bike but probably too high spec if I remember right

Chichester isn’t too far from FP either!

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Pretty sure your pal could stretch another £200 for FPs sweet ride?
It’s really bloody nice!

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Mine is a 56 P3 with Ultegra and 65mm cranks ( I have the original FDA Gossamer 172.5s as well).

I offered it here to TTers for £1100 firm, I’d do the same for your mate.