FS: Cervelo P3 56cm

I think I mentioned this before but mulling over the fate of the P3. I dislike ( a lot) the thought of being without a TT bike as I’ve had one in the line up for the thick end of 30 years but if I’m honest about, I’m unlikely to use it in anger in the next couple of years and any tris could be a ‘shits and giggles’ outing on the Bianchi.

I could do with the space moreso the money but I’ve had it up on the TT forum for a few weeks and price dropped it to £1400 with no bites.

Local ‘we buy any bike’ place has offered £1100, which is low. (they gave me a cracking price on my mtb wheels, so it’s a bit random!). If any TTer of good standing on here fancies it, I would certainly be open to the same offer (you’d have to pick it up from Winchester).

No hard sell, I thought I’d just try do anyone a solid before letting it go out of convenience.


I already have one so can’t help. Would make a lovely bit of kit for someone though, looks in very good condition. Great price also.

I like that colour scheme a lot.


I’d buy it if it was a 58 it’s a beut and that’s a steal of a price.

I’ve said before I’d love to buy it. Just bad timing. Wife would straight up kill me if a new bike made its way here


Agree with the boys above. I don’t have a TT bike, I probably need a TT bike but also don’t have room for a TT bike in my life.

I can could barely afford the one divorce I had, I can’t be responsible for somebody else’s! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


SOLD! To a very dodgy geezer :grin:


Name and shame then! :joy:

Did @Matthew_Spooner show some interest?

Can’t say too much except to say, I’m glad I’m not in his AG because he will fly now. :laughing:

There might have been an Anglo/Swiss exchange if it hadn’t sold by Xmas but alas…

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Watch out; I’ve got internal cabling now!

Operation swap bits will commence soon :grin:

Off the top of my head I think I only need to get a 11 speed 11/23 cassette and potentially some angled extension risers when I start to play with position.

I realised I’d forgotten my roof box keys when I went to pack the bike away. I think I broke @FatPom s heart stripping the bike down to squeeze into my boot.

Kids were buggers too. Little one comically had a dump in a travel potty on the driveway and the big one slipped and split his lip acting a prat as we were leaving.

Please thank Mrs FP and little one for entertaining them, much appreciated!


'Twas an eventful morning! I’m glad you made it back ok.

No issues with the kids mate, that’s what they do innit. :laughing:


The big one moaned and cried for half of it complaining he had no lunch :rofl:

Mrs FP gave them a chocolate eclair each, said they ate the chocolate and didn’t like the rest. :laughing:


Lol. Little shits


Sounds like a standard day out. :+1:t3:


Looks a bargain to me…

i had toyed with replacing my TT bike (P3), but I like mine a lot and would probably want the same again…


A true bargain. Really glad Adam took it, I would have taken it when I come over at Christmas, as people in my cycling club are always looking for a bike like this - my aim is not to make any profit, just acting as a dating agency for people looking for bikes.