Tubeless Saddle Bag Contents

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So, now I’ve got one tubeless set of wheels, I would like to know what people cart around on their rides to fix a flat?

Has anyone successfully managed to get the tyre off and a spare tube in whilst at the roadside?
I have seen two calls home to get a rescue whilst on tubeless.

In my years of riding tubs, I have only ever made one rescue call, and that was after a TRIPLE puncture (cannister fixed the first, track tub replaced the second, then I punctured again)

If you cannot get the tyre off, then carrying a spare tube is fruitless, yes?
So do I invest in “gummy worms” or a Dyna-Plug type thing?
Then it’s just a CO2 and multi tool.

Everyone round here has just given up carrying anything and phones of a rescue, not sure if that’s 'cos of tubeless or just because saddlebags and stuff in pockets spoils the aero.

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My wife doesn’t drive, so I cannot use that - the only time I’ve been rescued, my mother-in-law picked me up…and that was only because she was coming to ours for lunch and I was just 20km from home on my way back.

Just read this, which seems good, never knew the thing about using CO2:

I don’t run tubeless

But a few mates have said

One tube
2x co2

And one of these

Sorry that’s a huge link :grimacing:

Some anchovies to plug bigger holes:

And I’d still carry a tube personally.

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The Trainerroad guys rave about a combo plug tool, that is also a co2 inflator, and inflates through the hole you are plugging. Afraid I can’t be more specific than that, but Jonathan has mentioned about half a dozen different times on the podcast and is a big fan

So, the link I posted above basically states:

CO2 turns your sealant to water and should only be used to reseat an entire unseated, totally flat tyre.
You then pump up the pressure with a hand pump.
You should NOT remove the tyre at the roadside. EVER.
If the gash/hole is large, use a “gummy worm”, then top up with sealant and inflate.
(what @r0bh calls the anchovies, which is a better name!)

So I ordered one of these:

and some of this:

I will be going NO SPARE TUBE, as that’s pretty much what I do with my tubulars, anyhow (I only take a can of sealant on rides of less than 2 hrs)

Hopefully, I can get that and my parktool IB2 into my Leyzne M caddy sack, thus fulfilling Rule #31 :wink:

You should still be able to get the tyre off, you need to pop the bead off the rim but other than that shouldn’t really be any harder than a non-tubeless tyre

I have witnessed twice, in person, this is impossible at the road side.

I’ve no experience with tubeless road (and don’t intend to get any!) but my tubeless gravel tyres go on and off easier than a lot of non-tubeless tyres I’ve used.

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This is the thing I referred to above:

Again, the TR guys have always referred to these as “bacon strips” :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, @Adam linked to them - bloody dear!

The problem is that the sealant glues the tyre bead to the rim of the wheel and is a PITA to remove. If I was to try and remove roadside then heavy duty leavers are required such as the Pedros.
I have decided to stick with tubes for riding and tubeless for racing.

Why’s that?
Surely, if you puncture in a race, then you will DNF with that?
Or is it purely for the Crr benefit and you DNF anyhow?

If that’s the case, why use tubeless over tubular?

I suppose I should expand my answer, as my long course days are over so for me racing are either TTs or duathlons so it would be a DNF. I have had two instances of punctures whilst racing, on a 25 TT and a sprint tri. The only way I knew I had punctured was the orange sealant up my back. I tend to add 60/70ml of sealant to my wheels as it gives me some comfort that if that doesn’t fix it then nothing else would.

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The “air” is different. The one Adam linked to was just the plug part (I think).

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Gone for this:

What’s in the little fish?

Soy sauce from lunch sushi.
Empty it out.
Fill it with oil.
On road squeaks sorted :+1:t3:


Jockey wheels must’ve got some chain degreaser in them on the Saturday clean, started creaking on the Sunday ride.
Quick squirt of this and it was sorted.

May as well ride disc brakes and a PF86 if you can put up with noises :rofl::rofl::rofl: