Tubeless Tyres Changing

Hi everyone. I joined this forum today. I have a question about tyres. I’ve done some races ( triathlons duathlons ect ) and I have felt I’m ready for Ironman and I’ve applied for Ironman Staffordshire and I’ll apply for Weymouth. I bought a new bike 2 months ago Giant Propel Advanced 1 and there is tubeless ready wheelset and tyres. I’ve watched some videos how to change tyres when I need but it looks complicated. What do you think about racing with tubeless tyres. ? If you get puncture, do you think it’s easy to change ? Also I’ve been looking bike mechanics that I can learn how to change it properly because I want to be sure I can do this and never done before and I’m willingly to pay for it. I live in London ( Chiswick). Does anyone know any place around here ? Has anyone got an issue to change it while racing ?
Kind Regards

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Hi Dogan,
welcome!!! Good choice for staffs, i’ve raced there a few times, it’s a good course, you’ll enjoy it. Re tubeless tyres, i raced Nice 70.3 this year on them and had dynaplug tool bought from sigma sport in hampton wick. I also had a regular inner tube packed as back up just in case the dynaplug failed. Have a look at this:

I also live in Chiswick, there is a group of us regularly training and racing, find us on strava and jump on board:

as for bike shops, sigma sport gets my vote, ( not in chiswick), or pearson cycles in east sheen


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Stick to clinchers is my advice. Tubeless look a massive faff and on a road bike I’m not sure there is an advantage to using them.

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Hi Dave.
Thank you so much for your message. I have Strava but never used it. I always use Garmin app but I entered your group. Looking forward to seeing and cycling with you.
Also thanks for the video. It looks easy to fix but not sure I can do it :blush:.

Welcome to the forum :clap:

I’ve never used tubeless, but from cycling with others and what I’ve witnessed, I’d stick to clinchers…

…unless riding off road where tyre pressure is less of an issue.

See you at Staffs!


Hi Hammerer.
Thanks for advice.
I was actually thinking to buy a new wheelset because mine is 42mm and maybe 55-60mm rim would be better and I can change with classic inner tube one but every brand Zipp- Hed- mavic ect started having tubeless wheelset and tyres this year and tubeless one’s the most expensive ones for every brand now. What’s why I’m confused actually. I thought maybe it’s better. I don’t know :thinking:

Thank you so much Poet.
I’m checking now. I might go to classic one but for tubeless, it’s more difficult to get puncture ( they say ) and it’s hard to change tyres but if it’s hard to get puncture, maybe it’s better to take a risk. I don’t know. I’ll find my answer soon in this group I think.
I’ll see you in Staffordshire :muscle:t2::blush:

Clinchers work on tubeless ready, so just buy latex tubes and a decent low crr tyre like a gp4000s .


I have never done Staffs, but if you do Weymouth, a puncture is very likely, In addition to a spare inner tube, also carry a repair kit in case of multiple punctures

A tubeless ready wheel will also take a clincher with inner tube. My wheels are all tubeless ready, but so far I have not run tubeless on my road or TT bike. I do run tubeless on my gravel and mountain bikes

Personally there are 3 things that I am concerned with running tubeless in races. Firstly, the pressure that we run race tyres means that in the event of a puncture most of the sealing fluid is blown out of the tyre before it has time to set. Secondly due to the high pressure, and currently no industry standard for tyre and rim compatibility, it is possible that the tubeless tyre is blown off the rim, I noticed this a few times in Transition in Nice. Finally it can be really hard to mount a tubeless road tyre, the last thing that you want to do is struggling, by the side of the road, trying to refit your tyre which is very, very tight.

… but I may be wrong and one day will follow the trend to race tubeless

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For a race, just carry an innertube and if you puncture, you use it (obviously you only get one puncture this way, but most non-tubeless users are running the same risks, but you can carry 2 tubes, a pump and patch kit if you want)

Tubeless really comes into its own on allowing low pressure running and that’s not going to be relevant, so the gains are possibly not worth the risk, however I’m not sure what the risk really is.

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Neither of the LBSs I’ve quizzed about tubeless rates them much. The first one, said that none of them use it ‘so that should tell you’, the other guy who specialises in MTBs more, called it 'the bane of his life’ trying to sort people’s problems out :sweat_smile:

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I’d agree with all the responses here.

Stick with tubes and go latex for racing

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Don’t forget though… that they are great for Kona, if you’re a leading Pro and there’s a neutral service vehicle near you :thinking::sweat_smile:

Just make sure you do a Joe, and not an Ali, after you get the swap.


Tubeless worked out well for Joe in Wales :grinning:


Thank you so much all of you for your help. I think I’ve got my answer. This is a very nice forum and people are very helpful.
Kind Regards :blush:


You should have been around 10 years ago :joy:


Yeah, all the anger seems to have gone to social media, which is odd because people are being utter d1cks under their own names, which I always find quite ‘amusing’. FB is a bit of an IQ test.


@Dogan, they are a nice bunch until the topic comes round to Ironman Journey Facebook page, some also have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Slowtwitch as well.

On the whole you do get good advice here

By ‘they’ you mean ‘we’ right :relaxed:

FB comments related to the site in general, not IMJ. I don’t go on IMJ page, so have no idea what is discussed.