Tubular Tyres. I've used my last one. Need cheap ones, any out there?

So, I’ve punctured my last tubular tyre beyond repair. So I need replacements. Good and cheap. Any recommendations on which ones and where. Or does anyone have any partly used ones hanging around that they would like to sell.


I might have two unused ones in my spares box you can have for postage.

Years ago I had some tub wheels that I got rid off due to faff, but I think the spare tyres are still in one of the spares boxes that I am currently downsizing.

Will give you a shout later when I get home.

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Thats fantastic news.
I bought some 2nd hand 50mm Chinese carbon tubular wheels about 15 years ago. Changed the hubs to disc and rebuilt. Then used them for cyclo-cross in winter and then with road tyres in summer. Still run true and smooth.

OK, I have these, brand new and never fitted.

Catch is that they are at least 10 years old.

If they are of use you can have them


I’ve got a 25mm gatorskin tub if you could use it?

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Those look perfect. I would gratefully take them off your hands.
Let me know your details and I’ll bank transfer the required money.

Cool, let me work out the postage, shouldn’t be and more than a fiver.

DM me your address.

I have a load of various used race quality tubs knocking about in the roof of my garage; Corsa CX, Zipp etc Let me know when you’ve trashed those Rubinos :sweat_smile:. Some date back to 2007, so obviously perfectly matured and should be in the Louvre.

I never got a p* racing on tubs. There…I sorta said it :man_facepalming:


Thanks. I now only use them for training and rarely for racing, but do like the feel of a tub’ tyre.

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Sort of similar. Unbelievably got a pinch flat recently (own fault for over-experimenting with running lower pressure but still). Only spare is cheap, nasty, and massively bulky Tufo. If anyone has a light-ish used one going, I’m keen.