UK Ironing Mans 2022

That’s 19 so far! Did I miss anything?

Triathlon X :sunglasses: , (last one :cry: ) Ambleside June 4th 2022 FULL X

Ultimate Tri, Whitchurch, Shropshire/Wales 12th June 2022

CeltMan, NW Highlands, jockLand, 18th June 2022

LakesMan, Keswick 19th June 2022

The Northumbrian, Kielder, 19th June 2022 Full Distance – The Northumbrian

IM UK, Bolton 3rd July 2022 Supersapiens IRONMAN UK - Anything is Possible

The Bastion, Hever Castle, Kent 3rd July 2022

Triathlon X Extreme :sunglasses: , Ambleside July 9th 2022 EXTREME X

Ironbourne Eastbourne 10th July 2022

Outlaw, Nottingham 24th July 2022

DecaUK Single IM, Allerthorpe near York, 24th July 2022 Day events at DecaUK — Brutal Events
(Double, Triple, Quin, & Deca one-a-day & continuous format ultra-IMs also avail. WCPGW B| )

Goodwood 255, Chichester W.Sussex, 31st July 2022

Midnight Man, Dartford 13-14th Aug 2022 10th Midnight Man 13th/14th August 2022 | Bridge Events Dartford | Home of the Midnight WO/MAN

JurassicMan Extreme :sunglasses: , Charmouth, Devon to Dorset, 21st Aug 2022 Jurassicman Extreme Triathlon — Brutal Events

DalesMan, Ripon 23rd August 2022

GeordieMan 4th Sept 2022 THE GEORDIEMAN - Wild Deer Events

The Brutal Extreme, Llanberis, 10th Sept 2022 The Brutal Triathlon — Brutal Events

IM Wales, Tenby 11th Sept 2022 IRONMAN Wales - Anything is Possible

Royal Marines Iron Challenge, Blackpool (Devon!) 18th Sept 2022

Also well worth doing:
Blenheim Palace Weekend Warrior, Oxfordshire, 28 – 29th May 2022

London Weekend Warrior, Excel, 6-7th Aug 2022

Would be nice to list the Half IMs (aka 70.3 :roll_eyes: ) but there’s soo many, and I can’t keep up / cba




why i



The Why Aye Man :rofl::rofl::rofl:


feck me your not even joking. :open_mouth: added ta :+1:
Why Aye Man indeed!!! :sweat_smile:

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Are Ironmans a thing these days? :sweat_smile:

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Are the males not allowed to wear tops when racing that?


:+1: :joy:

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19th June at Kielder. Think there was a similar event a few years back that only lasted a year or two.
Plenty for us geordie men to choose from but don’t think I’ll be able to do either next year


I’m actually pretty keen on this. But the new system of “register for an annual membership before you can enter the race” is ridiculous. By all means make it cheaper if someone is a member, but I just want to enter the race. I’m not paying £40 for a membership just to be able to find out whether or not there are even still available entries for the event I want to do!

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yes we just have to wait a mo while they make their mind up on how we enter for the WW. Plenty of time yet. Really is a fab event & format, I highly recommend it. Such Fun!

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hai karumba another one! thanks Mr Me :+1: - I have updated the list above.
I did the only two instances of the Kielder IM and (apart from the midges) thoroughly loved it up there :sunglasses:

darned shame it clashes with the LakesMan tho FGS :cry:

Newcastle Brown at the feed stations?


Dalesman, 21 August


yes missed that one D’oh! so that’s 19 now!

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