UK swimming (northwest)

I’ve been taking a 2 minute cold shower every day for the last few months. Not sure why but feel great after. It’s brutal at the minute :cold_face:

I heard its good for immune system and general health/mental health. I tell you what you definitely don’t worry about anything while you’re freezing your balls off in there!!!


My mate took me on that run route just before Christmas. Really enjoyed it. I’d sign up if it is going ahead and there’s space.

You’re reminding me of Wishmaster here, the naughty djinn offering to grant wishes but always with a nasty twist!

“I’d like to be able to swim outdoors in the UK in winter in warm water.”
“Your wish is granted.”
“Why the fuck has my dick fallen off?”
“You should be careful what you wish for. Mwah ha ha ha ha.”

Terrible films. But weirdly watchable as you work out what awful loophole they’d left in for him to exploit. It’s probably mandatory PR training for the government.

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Swimming outside in Jan and you like the truly hideous firefighters run…?

That hill goes on forever, let’s not mention the mud, huge pot holes and baby’s head ankle breakers…!

The bike goes up angkesark and sheephouse steep side too…!

That said it’s a brill race and I think it’s full ?

An “ average “ tri is going to seem very easy to you as others have said.

:joy: I hope I do find it easy.

Technically I’ve not swam in January yet. Just talked about it.

Yeah that hill by the school is a good one. I only did one lap as we tagged it onto a bigger route.

Did you do winter hill 10k just before lock down last Feb? That was grim. Think I enjoyed that one too :joy:

Not done a 10 k for … decades literally

Not a race anyway, I should be, as it’s the speed I’m really missing in my old age.

Strangely I thought the second run was easier as the last time I did it was with a strong cyclist who dragged me round but at the time wasn’t the best runner.

You have to stay within 10 ms of each other.

Your not alone…

Is that from facebook? Not on there but could come in handy for info I suppose?

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Delph group


Hopefully get in The Delph by end of this month.

Bit of an update regarding training. I’ve been doing the 10 x 10km runs in 10 days thingy. Thought it would be good motivation and it has been. Day 10 tomorrow and thinking of pushing on to be honest.

I’ve signed up for firefighters duathlon on 18th April too with a partner who I barely know but my other running buddy is already spoken for!!

Looking forward to it. You signed up?

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10 in 10?

Did you get slower or faster, or stick to the same pace?

I’ve done the last two firefighters that first hill on the run is horrid, a few seasons written off before they have started no doubt, if it’s wet I really would use trail shoes.

My trading partner is doing it with a guy off our IMUK 2019 whassap group, he’s too strong on the bike for me this year.

I’m waiting to see if Oulton gets announced first, being honest several of us suggested that it should be run as an individual event for this year only, people can race in pairs if there covid safe.

After everything that’s happened a 2 up is probably not the best first race, but I’m sure it will be fine

I’ll be supporting if I haven’t got a number on !!

I’ve just taken the 10 in 10 really easy to be honest. Probably getting faster if anything as my aching limbs have realised I’m not giving up! Some have been trail runs too. Found loads of off road routes around Westhoughton, Borsdane woods etc.

I’ve gone a bit mad this week and signed up for Liverpool marathon in October too. Need to decide what I’m doing although I think I just like a bit of everything and still need to learn how to swim :joy:

I might ride the FFD route this Saturday. I don’t think we will be breaking any records as my partner doesn’t run much and I’m not very experienced on the bike. Should be fun though.

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You go up sheephouse tough side but the decent is nicer to the black dog
Left and then it’s a nice run for a few miles.

Anglesark is tough a series of three short sharp climbs, watch the left hander on the decent looking over the reservoir.

It’s a really well run friendly race Foggarty and Cullen pushing 500+ watt climbs and a husband and wife one and done team on Raleigh shoppers … and everyone else in between.


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Well, I took on the firefighters route this morning and it was brutal! Seemed like I was going up hill or into the wind all the way round.

Had it all (apart from a puncture). Sheep road blocks the lot :joy:

It’s a tough course !

Do you know the run?
Cobbled hilly mud fest… yuk.

Very windy today,hopefully drop for the race.

I did the run as part of another around Christmas time. I’m going to do it this week at some point. Looking forward to it.

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Penny flash swim booked for good Friday. :+1:t2:
FF duo run and ride done last week again. 27 mins run and 1:40 the ride. Run won’t be that quick on the day but ride should be quicker if my partner sorts himself out a bit!

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That’s a quick run for that course.

You have to attack that bike course, it’s tough

Yeah, I put it in coming down that hill! Proper bone shaker! I Wanted to give my mate something to aim for.

He took 34 minutes :man_facepalming:t3:

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