UKTri Ultimate ironman 2020

was on last Sunday (Aug 16th) Where was everybody FFS?
You just missed your only chance to race ironman in the UK this year - Season Over!!

It may have been a small field of a 100 or so entrants, but a fast one, as there were 10x subTens for the Full iron man distance Ultimate ! :open_mouth:

(There was a very well attended Half IM Dist tho. And unusually, a 1/4 IM)

It was a fab return to some normality, thoroughly enjoyed it (despite the heavy shower mid-race). Tho’ we couldn’t Hi5 during the run etc, with our first name printed clearly on our numbers, everyone was literally on first name terms encouraging each other on, it was a great friendly atmos, and the lower numbers makes the racing more personal & involving, especially as the 6x run laps were 2 out and backs, on both road and grass.

The 5-second interval sw1m starts in the early morning gloom was slightly surreal, and actually worked well. The lake was a bit murky but a perfect warm temperature for me, tho ‘only’ rated as 19 degrees. (I was still gimped up in thermal wetsuit etc tho :sweat_smile: )

The roads must have been greasy with the long overdue rain mid-bike, but thankfully I didn’t see any crashes (and only a couple of punctures). Utterly amazing to see the faster fly-boys on the Half and 1/4 come bombing past during the 4 lapper bike (and a couple from the Full lapping me on my 3rd FFS!! :flushed: ). Who needs Tenby :wink:, half of the bike route goes into Wales :sunglasses:

I managed to drag my old bones round for a MOP finish in the Mens, can’t complain. Usual 1h20 and a lot sw1m (+ a minute fixing my goggle strap FFS, on one of the ozzie exits of this 4 lapper). Sub 6 bike and 4 and a 1/4 hrs on the run, no dramas for a sub 12 finish, Job Done for 2020.


Young George came off the bike in the lead… I think…?!
He did a 4:50 bike split…

Ran a 1:31 half but was then caught by some super fast runners at the back end.

He got a pb but wanted the win, the winner ran 2:55?!

Duckin hell !?

Some great reports from this race, thought about it, but I’m not race fit.

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My mate was in a decent spot off the bike but his leg went at 6 miles. He struggled through got round but is out of action for a month or so.
He said it was run really well.

I had to defer it as was away on holiday but have credits from them that I’m spending on sprints & the Half next year.

Good company that run good races. @Mungo2 is doing the sprint with us in 3.5 weeks AREN’T YOU!! :rofl:


The Ultimate IM for 2021 is Sun 6th June and its -30% earlybird time so it’s £209 squids etc
nb. The early bird is never better than this 30%!

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I’ve just entered the Half with my credits from this year.

Last years early bird was £215 for the full, so a great deal this year again