Uncontrollable muscle spasms


So any clue why my calves do this?
Am I gonna die?

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Yep, I get that after very long runs or really hard short runs. Get it in my quads sometimes. Only happens sitting down, never lying down. (I get RSL lying down)

No answers, sorry.

Also get it myself a bit, generally just put it down to fatigue and possibly dehydration?

Although in theory it might be getting some nerve signal to do it?

Doesn’t seem to cause any issues and seems to pass after a day or so.

I also itch, fidget and get other little odd things like tingling.

I’m still here after 51 years so fingers crossed it’s nothing bad :crossed_fingers:

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Another one here…they do it most of the time after a run, but particularly bad after a hard run.

Given a few physios a shock in the post race massage tent :joy:. Had a group of them around me after one London marathon as one of them explained what they were to the others.


I’ll add my name to the list. As with @jeffb I think I get mine after a real hard run or when I’ve not had enough to drink.

Stops after a while. Always in the calves for me as well.

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Get that sometimes if I done a heavy weights session.

As the article starts with benign I’m going to assume we’ll survive :joy:

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One less to worry about then

get it after hard sessions and races…

My partner has it all the time. Doesn’t seem to be anything detrimental.

I’m another one.

Sometimes get it in my quads

Only if you are friends with @MarkieR

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