Unsolicited Advice whilst training

With the viral TikTok Pro Lady Golfists video doing the rounds, it made me wonder about the TT massives experiences off receiving or giving unsolicited advice and the reactions.

My own recent example was recieving advice in the weights room before Christmas. I was DLing with an Olympic bar and the “gym rat” came up to me, and told me I was lifting my left heal slightly. I was grateful for the heal tip as I hadnt noticed it (it was very slight l, but important to fix) , said “thanks”, when he then said, “thats why you must always train in front of a mirror” He then decided to be a real pro and added that I should never use the Olympic bar, only a trap bar for DL’s . I thought he was a bit of a dick. I just thanked him rather than be equally a bit of a knob about it and call him out, explain Im a L3 BW strength coach or post a video for likes.

I wouldnt dream of going up to a stranger to offer advice either, even as a qualified swim/tri/strength coach, unless I thought there was a real risk of serious injury to them or others


Unsolicited advice.

And it’s bed partner, unsolicited fist.

I just saw the bbc article. I think I can tell why that man decided to strike up a conversation. I’m surprised they didn’t talk about unwanted advances.

I stopped at a pedestrian crossing last night so two old ladies could finish crossing the road. Two cyclists under took me to speed through. The pedestrians thanked me.

I offered some unsolicited advice shortly afterwards to the cyclists. So it has its place :smiley:


If someone asks I’ll try and be helpful or if anything is obviously wrong like they’ve got their helmet on the wrong way round :rofl:


Only boxing.

I’m not good / technical enough to give anyone advice on anything else although I have had a few virtual non swimmers in the pool at the gym as they wanted to do a tri, blind leading the blind springs to mind.

Been asked 2-3 times already this year to help people with plans, two hyrox one tri/ endurance which I take as a compliment.

My pt is writing plans for lots of clients as they all seem to want to hyrox, we talked about the one size fits all generic plans that may work for some but certainly not for others, the one my mate is following who competes next weekend is certainly that … he paid for it too!

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They have done on twitter :rofl:


Gym I used to a member of has some right oddballs in there.

I was doing some squats and some toothless (ill get to that) moron with the body of a retired darts player came to tell me I shouldnt go so low it will hurt my knees and he doesnt go that low. Sorry mate but unless you look like Arnold dont give me weight lifting advice.

In the middle of him talkng one of his teeth fell out. Just popped right out and bounced under the squat rack


It’s always swimming. Always get “advice” about swimming. Even my friends now are all about “open water swimming” and they’re giving triathlons a go. They then suggest I should join their “coaching” sessions for swimming. Their “coaches” all do worse swim times than me in triathlons. The only reason I’m a crap triathlete is because I’m a crap runner. If I was a sub-45mins 10km runner, I’d be top AG without effort.

I’ll very likely never be a sub-45 mins 10km, so people will just continue to think I’m rubbish at the swim and bike too :woman_shrugging:t4:




I was swimming at my local pool, in the fast lane. Yeah I know but in that pool I was the fastest. Then this young fella (late 20s), about 6’5" gets in my lane. He soon tells me that i need to extend further out the front of stroke. He then apologised for given the unsolicited advice. But as he was casually doing 65 second 100s I was OK about it. I did tell him when the masters sessions were on and he might find it more enjoyable training with them.


Sorry about that :rofl:


A few years ago, a group of us were in the pub and we were joined by a friend of a friend. After a few beers he found out I had done a few tris in my time and he started giving me training ‘advice’. He Just talked rubbish for hours. The guy had never done anything remotely athletic in his life. I just went and sat at the other end of the table.


Yeah the thing worse than unsolicited advice is unsolicited advice that also happens to be a pack of bollocks.


And now has been a TT regular ever since…?



You din’t wanna be doing that…you wanna be doing this…


Ok … Arry


Footage on the socials innit of a female pro golfer getting unsolicited advice about her swing at the driving range. From some random Scouse bloke…

She cracks a ball and then he says, ‘see it works’ - what a :bellhop_bell: :end:

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I don’t condone his behaviour, and if I’m honest it looks like he’s trying to hit on her instead of giving her genuine advice….

…. But I’d have loved it if she turned round and told him that’s she’s a professional golfer, and almost certainly better than him at all facets of golf. Oh, and she has a litany of professional coaches to help her, not just a bloke a driving range.

That would have shut him up, irrespective of his intentions.


I’d have liked that equally as much as the video not being posted so she went viral :wink: Very good PR though, lots who had never heard of her now have. I am old and cynical now so always wonder how set up some of these video interactions are. BUT if only one bloke thinks twice before “mansplaining” because of this video then it’s a win I suppose.


only now?

all too often…


I do encounter lots of ‘coaches’ providing unsolicited advice…in that sense, they should know better, but even if were solicited they should take a step back and consider if what they are seeing is correct as well as prioritising the guidance offered…