Unusual relay team

A 3:25 Half. How accurate is that course, or was the bike a TTT?

It’s nice to know you needed to go to ST to find that nugget of information…


I meant I found a link to the results - had to go to ST because IM website is poor.

And yes, I’d seen your comment, was just continuing the - what the hell happened and did they just cruise round the course for a pay check.

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It’s accurate, apart from the unexplained shortening of the bike I linked to above, so that did make it 86-7k or so for some reason. The run per his strava was actually a couple of hundred metres over.

Per the ST thread, people who watched the feed said they looked to be riding in a paceline, but legally.

My race report from last year largely explains why it’s so fast. The road surface is immaculate. And the fact it’s on highways with traffic still running gives you a massive cda advantage. BBS had me down in the 0.19xxx range for this race, which is ridiculous. That would be a combination of crr and the inadvertent drafting benefit of the traffic.

The worst bit of the whole course is the F1 track, where the tarmac is “grippy” and really slowed you down, plus a dead turn to get into the pits and out of the circuit.

Was only being facetious!

He was 3:35 last year

Kristian? No he wasnt. Both he and Iden were the first to go under 3:30

Sorry you’re right, 3:29

So only four minutes faster. Was the course also short last year?

No, my screenshots of the out and back above are from my strava in 2018, and KB’s in 2019. The rest of the course was precisely the same. Last year was about 89 something

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Course shortening was down to road works apparently. Think I got that from tri247


Thanks for that. I was confused as to why they’d have shortened at that point otherwise. That entire stretch of road was shut, so positioning the turn point before the roundabout which it was on last year would have provided no benefit in terms of keeping any extra bit of meaningful road open.

I just caught up with the footage. Blumenfelt looked incredible on the run! What a machine