USB Micro B and Mini B

My Lezyne 800XL is not working. Foiling my desire to commute today. It’s from 2015/2016.

I plug it to charge in two different locations and the green light comes on indicating it’s charging but hours later, disconnect and it doesn’t turn on.

The thing bugging me is that I’m sure the charging cable was slightly different to all the multitude of cables I can find now. I think I used to charge it with a USB mini B. And now all I find are micro B. It seems to plug okay.

Reference for micro mini I’m using is here

Could it be the plug you’re using? I’ve just binned an old Nokia charger plug, as it used to make a noise, and more recently only seemed to provide power to part of the lead plugged into it i.e. it was only charging 1x ear bud in the case not both (despite lighting up). I discovered this by plugging the case into a powerbank and it worked fine; charging just the empty left ear bud.

Mini and micro are two totally different shapes. If you can plug in a mini, then it’s not meant to have a micro

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In terms of bike computers:

Edge 500 = Mini
Edge 520 = Micro
New stuff = USB C (symmetrical plug - finally!)

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So there is the possibility that I recall incorrectly.

I’ll check the socket again.

Regarding the plug, how do I know if the plug is right, like ampage?