Vaseline on forehead for running

I often wonder what would happen if we had a fire drill at work whilst i was in the gym.

Yep, been there too! :joy:

:rofl: :rofl:

It’s a trick a lot of the elites use. A small bit over eyebrows and it works!

What about the Juniors?


Nah I haven’t got them doing it. I only learnt about it from Bucko and Lucy Halls brother on my L3. They all do it at Leeds (#namedrop)

Ok, so to summarise we now have lubricant of some form on chamois, wrists, ankles, neck, thighs, armpits, nipples and forehead/eyebrows. How long until races put on some kind of giant vaseline sheep dip type system at the entrance to transition?


i won one of these at a race…but no, I never used it…

Haha .that is truly hideous. Up there with kitbrix or whatever they were called!

I’m really slow on the uptake but have only just got the name, that is truly gross!

That’s what happens when you watch too much Tron!

There is no end the the pointless shit a triathlete will spend money on :joy:


Some Camelbak tubing attached to that could help an athlete replace essential electrolytes :+1:

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Circular economy. That’s in.

urgh! :face_vomiting:

I have seen a Kit-brix in the wild. It looked like really nice quality stuff, but too niche for me to want it at that price; let alone need it!

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What was that other one? Wasn’t it like a plastic tub, with a small groove in the bottom to ride on top of your top tube?

TriathlonBox :rofl:


Dammit, I was going to make a quip about those, but forgot!

Pretty sure the Inventor of Triathlon Box came onto TT1.0 asked for advice and promptly ignored it; then wondered why we all gave him grief when he started plugging it :roll_eyes:

The most ill thought out idea ever, that became useless a few months later when the BTF banned boxes from transition.