Virtual Winter Run Limited Places Remaining



There’s got to be a limit on the rows on the spreadsheet!


you think this is bullshit VLM wanted me spend £20 recently on a Guinness World Record Certificate because I was part of the world record setting feat :thinking:


I’ve lost track, is VLM October now?

yes but this is for the biggest virtual marathon from October 2020

so someone ordered a truckload of medals they didn’t need :laughing:

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I’ve already done a run in winter, in the real world, does that preclude me? Do I need to make one up, or do I get to claim an overpriced shit medal retrospectively?


I did the real thing the first year. Did not realise it was basically a longer race for life, on streets rather than in a park. More annoying than anything else. I’d rather just donate to charity. They shouldn’t try and pretend it’s a real 10k when it’s nothing of the sort

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They actually responded to my poke at them with “we only have so many medals”

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.