Virtual Zwift Rides

All sockets turned off in my garage when no-one there, you would too if you saw the wiring.

iPad is old, no USB-C or thunderbolt here. Appears there are options on Amazon though.


If it’s that bad, you could replace the circuit breaker with a “smart” one, and switch the garage on first, all a lot of effort compared to just living with it though

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Our Apple TV just stays plugged in so we don’t have the update issues. We’ve had that setup for over a year now and only once (last week) did it throw its toys and require reinstall of zwift and reconnection. otherwise i think the apple tv setup is perfect.

Tech bore fest… apologies.

But I’m having fun.

So now got a bunch of different profiles on my deck for everything zwift/stream related.

Views, hud toggle, bike swaps, power ups etc

Display on/off, reset stats, lap button

Starts team chat and volume control

Playlist select, volume and skip track

Start/Stop stream, switch scene

To do.
Sauce switch profiles
Zwift join pacer (half working… Just no idea who I’m joining).

Keeping me amused


I should know this but what is it exactly, a pad with configurable buttons?

I could probably get some use out of one those for the flight sim. The instrument panel I built replicates the aeroplane but there are “sim only” functions that need buttons as well.

Yeah basically. Just a function to apply hotkeys.

But you can apply any images to any key which just makes the whole thing feel more engaging.

Bigger ones available and you can get dials too…

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Cool, yeah thats what I need. Stuff like pausing the game, options menu, requesting push back, refueling etc needs a separate hotkey. I was going to redesign the audio panel as thats useless in a sim but this is easier.

If it’s got an allocated key in the game/app. It’s dead easy.
And you can add multiple strokes into a single button press (ie the bike swap in zwift. A/esc/T/down*21/Enter/Esc/Esc).

I’ve chucked in some home page buttons to navigate back up to my master profile to give me a nice loop.

Regretting not buying the 15 button one already.


Would it make me faster up the leg snapper? Fook me, that was rough.


Was the most sedate ZRL start ever.
Power up gods were kind where I hung on to a feather for each snapper. But 2 ghosts at the end didn’t help.
P12 without a power up.

Had one aero all race. One of our team had none.
Winning team had at least 4 at finish.
We lost by one point.

It’s a joke :person_shrugging:

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First time up the legsnapper and I was out the back and it was goodnight Vienna for a solo ride, people were putting in 10W/KG, and I probably left the feather too late.

I’m never going to be competitive on a course like that, shame they don’t include an iTT


Was pushing 5wkg on the hill and dropped out to the second group. All back together by the line and got a feather. Used that to stick with it on the 2nd lap but couldn’t hold the wheel when it got down to the flat.

Rolled around with a team mate and sprinted for 17th.

Team did well with 4 in the top 20.


Have been upgraded from cat C to cat B, stupidly did a workout which had a 5 min max effort interval at the end and was on a good day so assume it must be that.

Got absolutely walloped in my first Cat B race back today. Will be interesting to do some more races but gut feel is that the bar to go from Cat B to Cat A is higher than it was a few years ago judging by the W/kg numbers I was seeing in the race today.


It is. They moved the Cat B lower boundary from 3.2 to 3.4 and the Cat A boundary from 4.0 to 4.2.

I didn’t think workouts counted towards your race categorisation? :person_shrugging:

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Oh that’s weird - I was a Cat C last time I tried to enter a race (couldn’t start as my HRM wasn’t working) then this time was only able to enter as Cat B

Or I’m just wrong! :joy:

Think everything counts towards deciding your cat these days


This happened to me before Christmas with a Zwift Academy workout with a 5 min max effort, got upgraded to A and couldn’t race ZRL any more. Pretty annoying as I stand no chance in A due to my weak sub 1 minute power on the punchy courses


Yep, any activity on Zwift in the last 90 days can be the one that upgrades you. I had one good race where I didn’t race it but decided to ride to get my 12 min power PB and this then upgraded me to cat A. I had to wait 90 days to be downgraded again. TBH, I only have a good 20 min power - 5 min or less isn’t very good so unless it is a TT I stand no chance. I doubt I would win a Cat C race, let alone a B or A cat race.

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