Virtual Zwift Rides

Right, seeing as a lot of us are spending more time indoors I’m going to be Zwifting a fair bit. If you want to join and make it a TT group ride sticking your IGN (in game name here) and let everyone else add you.

If you know you’re riding at a specific time stick it up and see if anyone else wants to join then make it a group ride. You can do it as a no-drop ride so that everyone sticks together regardless of W/KG or do it as a normal ride and try to cut everyone else’s legs out on the climbs.

I’m J.Gavberg and likely to be riding tomorrow AM early.

I.Fatpom. here.

I had a request yesterday from a Stephen Mott. (Welsh), I’m assuming it’s one of us?

BTW, you have a PM from me :slight_smile:

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Anyone know of any zwift free trials? Are they still c1 month, or now it’s bigger are they tiny? Could be interested to try it given the frequency I’ll likely be on the trainer!

EDIT - actually, I should probably check out the paperwork with some purchases I’ve made over the recent years. I’m sure I got some free codes for something like zwift

spotted and replied just now

That’s @SidSnot




C Tye


Yup, that’s me

I’m Adam Wells. Same profile as on here I think. I’ll be working until the end of the month if imagine but will have plenty of free time April onwards

I’m on there as N.Strenge

I should have gone for a sexier name.

Remember thinking about W. Anchor at one point…

How do you find your name? I’m Jeff Belt, can’t be that many of them!

You don’t have to commit to more than a month to Zwift you can cancel & rejoin at any time so it’s only a small cost really to give it a proper try.

I think the first 25k per week or month are free also.

I generally ride every Wednesday around lunchtime, but now going to be WFH more, so more Zwift! Until the kids are off of course, then it will be very early or after bedtime!

I’ll probably have a spin followed by a race tomorrow. Whatever’s on around 11:00 I think, as have a Skype at 14.00

I may join you then!

Good point!

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I just renewed my membership. I set up my old road bike on a dumb trainer, but put my power pedals on it, and tested the system this evening. It works. My new (certified refurbished) Wahoo Kickr arrives next week, but until then I have a dumb wheel-on trainer with power pedals to at least allow me to do some zwifting.

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Might do this

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They monopolise the turbo when awake then? It’s good to stay fit!