Vuelta helicopter spots cannabis farm

Amusing piece of news on the BBC today. Police raided a cannabis farm after the Vuelta helicopter broadcast images of it from the air.


Good to see cycling finally taking a stance against drugs :rofl:


I see no arrests were made; the Police probably made a hash with the warrants.

Maybe they were a bit green…!

I thought they’d manage to roll up the whole gang in one go. To make it blunt, don’t do drunks mmmkay

Easier to send up the helicopter when there’s been snow, soon find the hidden cannabis growers when they are the only houses with no snow on them.

The implications will be resin-ating for months.

You can’t just wade in here hashing out any old puns

There are some spliffing puns here.

It’s just pot luck if the police catch these farms. Anyway, I got to go THCyou later

How high was the chopper pilot?

It’s a good joint effort, just need to weed out the bad ones.

It’ll all blow over.

There are some spliffing puns here

Just had to keep this one rolling eh?

I thought I might be overroaching with that last one.