Wahoo Element Rival

Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL MultiSport GPS Watch

Opinions on this? Looks like a decent watch with good features. I’m not sure on the wrist HR and certainly wouldn’t want to pay an extra £60-70 for a chest strap.

Hold on!

Dc rainmaker has spoken and it’s not good…


Cheers mate. Got 1/4 way through and don’t need to read anymore.
I’ll wait for version 15 :smile:

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Yeah, we’d already had some chat on it on another thread. Can’t remember which one now. Looks awful to me. The only thing that’s neat is the auto transition feature. But the missing, basic functionality means I wouldn’t go near it.

No “alerts” or workouts? That’s just standard functionality for years and years and years.

“I really like the RIVAL box. It’s easily one of my favorite watch boxes out there.”

It’s a box.
I’ll repeat that…
It’s a box.

And it’s downhill from there.


Yes, it came up on the Garmin thread.

They need some serious firmware updates for it as pretty basic features are missing as @stenard said.

24 hour Battery using gps sounds good though - although the gps track itself looks poor :roll_eyes:

Fairly sure that was a result of it being one of the only things he could complement!

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I’ve mulled this over.

Best box ever:
Original iPod c2003 or 4. Devious. Like the box in Hellraiser, you could spend hours trying to get into it. But when you did, you didn’t get pulled apart with nasty hooks. I’d call that a win.

Honourable mentions for:
1.Assos whatever-the-f-they’re-called shorts. Really nice box to suggest you’ve spent too much money on arse-padding.
2. Powerbeats pro…new entry…box just as impenetrable as the iPod…that’ll be the value Apple brought to Beats when they bought them. Added bonus is the headphones going into the case is a bloody puzzle too…

So I can see how a box adds to the experience if you’ve spent a lot on a product. The fact I can remember these when so many slip my mind says a lot, I reckon. I’m on about my 5th iPad and can’t remember bugger all about the packaging, yet that first iPod box still lingers in my memory…

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A starling bank card deserves an honourable mention too. Best one I’ve ever had.

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You need to up your box game :wink:
One box rules them all…


What is it?

Cartier jewellery box

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One box to find them all, bring them, and bind them.

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Says a lot about the watch if the thread has derailed into box discussion.

My vote for the best box. Generic large cardboard box. Free from the supermarket, multi-purpose and keeps the kids amused for a Zwift race :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Does it use ANT+ or Bluetooth?