Wahoo HRM

My smugness of easily being able to remove the battery cover off the wahoo tickr (compared to Garmin made of cheese screws) was somewhat short lived when the plastic fittings on the back snapped off when putting it back on.

Anyone got a dead wahoo lying around I can nab the battery cover off? They don’t seem to be for sale :worried:

:sweat_smile: Wahoo Tickr = shite. In my two experiences.


The inside of mine rusted to shit cos the seal was crap. Don’t think it’d be of much use! :joy:

I’ve pinged support a request… Just like Garmin, now held together with tape.

I think I might have one that stopped working a while back. Will try and look tomorrow, happy to post if I can find it.

Yup. Utter tosh the Tickr is.

I just use the wildly inaccurate wrist based HR now.

It’s only a guide innit.

Absolute shite.

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Like @pacha i have one kicking about if you want I can send you a cover on Monday

Well… like Garmin - the battery covers might be utter tosh. But also like Garmin - customer service is top notch.

Raised a ticket whilst I was still trying to find a replacement. Didn’t hear anything.
Just had a full new unit come through in the post!!!


I’ve got the Wahoo optical HRM that you wear on your arm. It seems to work OK and gives a more consistent reading than the wrist-based optical HRMs.

It has the benefit of being rechargeable, so no battery compartment opening to leak. It seems to last a long time between charges.

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I had an arm one ages ago and stupidly gave it away as for outdoor rides I could never turn it on once I’d got dressed and it was underneath layers.
In hindsight - would’ve been ideal for turbo.

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