Wandrer - like zwift route badges IRL

Just found this from the5krunner 's site. The goal is to try and ride all the roads of the world. But within that, you get bonuses for ticking off percentages of all cyclable roads in a given area.

Shows how little variety in my riding I really do! Free is limited to backwards uploading only your last 50 rides, but that pretty much covers all of 2020 given how much time I spent on zwift indoors. Maybe a handful of rides from early Jan are missing.

Something about happiness is setting achievable goals…


That’s why I referenced the more localised goals. That’s their headline statement though, which obviously is unrealistic. But you can see sub-rankings for the percentage of roads you have covered in a given localised areas as well.

As an example, my local London Borough…


Bit like tile bagging with Veloviewer… that has a global audience of obsessives!


Saw a guy from work using this. I’d assumed it was a dirt road thing as he just bought a new gravel bike and was exploring bridleways and the like.

Decided to have a random ride where I actually targeted this. First time I’ve ever done that. 3hrs. 50k. 31k of “new” roads covered. The Garmin pacman map overlay is quite fun and easy to use.

I’d really not appreciated quite how many cul-de-sacs there are in London!



Saw this earlier. Bonkers!

Probably get reported, cyclist burglar checking out houses :grinning: