WANTED: PX Stealth Bar Ski-bend extensions

Okay, TriTalkers, fancy helping me help my pal out?

He wants to try a ski-bend extension, but has the old style PX Stealth basebar, with the odd size diameter extensions, so most new ones don’t fit.

Do you lot, or anyone you know, have a set kicking around?

Cheers :+1:t3:

That’s a blast from the past! Hands-up if you DIDN’T own a PX Stealth at some point! Mine was blue, but I never had the PX Carbon wheels, it had Zipps. Did my first two IMs on it (Roth & Austria)

I sold my complete Stealth ‘cockpit’ on German eBay back in 2010 I’m afraid. But a bit of Stealth nostalgia for me!

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Yeah - still see LOADS of them at the local TTs.
Also the Exocet II (which I have)
He also has the Exocet II, but looks like the previous owner swapped the base bars before selling it on.

I really liked my Stealth. As I do my Exocet.
Does the job for £400 :+1:t3:

I think @Adam still has the old Stealth and went past me like a rocket ship at Helvellyn

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I’ve got my old Exocet on my turbo… straight bars though.

From 2008. I still have those wheels!


I was a bit more niche, a Dalkiia (which I still have) with PX bars (which I don’t)


Complete with Ergomo PM :scream:
I asked them not to fit mine and sold it for £600, making my brand new PX stealth about £800 :+1:t3:

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Love my Stealth. Won’t change it until it breaks.

I have these old bars lying around

They look the same as those is @r0bh pic

Were these always Carbon bikes?

There is man around here I see often with an alloy TT frame set up a a road bike that is matt black and stickered up as a stealth, I always wonder if it is genuine.

First gen was alloy :+1:t3:

@adam - they’re the flat ones too :sob:
Seems like everyone binned their ski-bend ones in a bid to be more like Cancellera :rofl::see_no_evil::man_facepalming:t4:


IIRC the ski bend PX extensions were a lot rarer than the straight or S-bend ones back in the day

I was a bit of a Stealth addict, had 3 of them, can only find pics of 2 though, first was the original alu/carbon mix version, then my last one was a baby blue one I bought off Tony Poole! :slightly_smiling_face:



My one and only TT bike is a Stealth. I acquired it with ski-bend extensions but unless I’m being a total numpty, the whole thing (base bar, extensions and risers) is one piece - well, there’s a join between the base bar and the extensions but it isn’t a clamp. The only adjustment is the width of pads on the risers. I assume that’s the original cockpit although I’m not certain. Sorry - that’s about zero help as I don’t imagine your pal wants the whole caboodle.


No, the MkII ones which say have been discontinued :slightly_frowning_face:

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I remember that one!

Wish I hadn’t sold it tbh :pensive: