Wanted - saddle / stem

Been looking on the bay but wondered if anyone has any spares in their parts bin.

I’m after a couple of stems 120mm and 130mm, standard 1 1/8" and 31.8mm, nothing too steep 7 or 8 degrees.

Also, think my road bike saddle has had it, creaking and flex and generally shit. Looking for something cheap-ish to replace it with.

I have been meaning to swap my stem as the reach is too long. I thought it was 120mm, but I just measured it and its 110mm. Any good to you? Its a bobby basic Bontrager that came on my entry level trek. You can have it for nothing.

Just going to order a cheap one from Wiggle. I have only had the bike 8 years, about time I made it comfortable

Thanks for the offer, I’ve got a borrowed 120mm and it’s either ok or slightly too short. 110mm not likely to work for me. I ended up with a small collection of these things at one point and then had a clearout :roll_eyes:

It’s remarkable the spread in £££ for something simple like a stem. Can’t believe some people are buying the £200+ ones

I was just looking on Wiggle. Cheapest stem is £12, most expensive £250. What do you get? a 40g weight saving. Madness.

I have realised why Ive not changed mine before. I have 22mm handle bars and pretty much all the stems I can find are 31.8

I have a FSA 120mm 6 degree stem in my parts bin. Ping me your address and I can post it tomorrow

There are some ebay stores which have a lot of NOS or second hand stems which could fit

PX website usually good for cheap components. Hell, I have the £20 PX ‘Arione’ saddle on my £3.8k Canyon :sweat_smile:

I’ll have another look, last time I did they didn’t have any normal saddles in, only Brookes leather copies.

This one? Any good?

That’s the one I have! Horses for courses, but I didn’t get on with the Fizik Aliante R3 my Canyon came with.

Charge Spoon is a good value saddle that gets good reviews. I’ve got them on a couple of bikes, road & MTB, about £30.

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